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Major Problems Discovered in Lynch’s Claims on Hillary’s Email Probe

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has denied the allegations that she gave assurances to the Clinton camp that the FBI’s email probe on then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “would not go too far.” Lynch’s claim is directly contradicted by former FBI Director James Comey’s statement that Lynch interfered with the 2016 presidential election by assuring Hillary’s camp that the investigation will be stopped.

Comey said that he had a second meeting with Lynch where he was said to have confronted her about her election interference to favor the Democratic candidate. Comey said in his testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee that he confronted his former boss with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a document which alleges that Lynch contacted Amanda Renteria, a Clinton top campaign operative.

Lynch’s spokesman tried to counter and deny the allegations and said:”To the best of her knowledge and recollection, neither Ms. Lynch nor any representative of the Office of the Attorney General discussed the Clinton email investigation with Ms.Renteria, Representative Wasserman Schultz or her staff, or any DNC official.”

Lynch also denied in a testimony before a House committee last year that she had spoken to any members of the campaign or anyone affiliated with the campaign during the election.

The former Attorney General, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, who prior to her post has known ties to the Democratic party, is expected to be called before the Senate panel to testify on the matter.

A New York Post also reports that according to a three-page list of questions that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein recently sent at her New York apartment, the committee also wants to know if Lynch or any of her aides were in contact with former DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz regarding the Clinton email investigation.

Senate investigators have gone through the transcript of Lynch’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in July 2016 and found out that several of her statements strain credulity. One particularly stands out that can give Lynch legal troubles. The Committee knows of a document obtained by the FBI showing a Democratic operative’s claim that Lynch had privately assured Renteria that the Justice Department “would not push too deeply” into the investigation of Clinton’s private email server, which contained top secret information from the State Department.


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Major Problems Discovered in Savannah Smith's Claims on Hillary’s Email Probe

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