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Dems claim Trump is having trouble filling cabinet positions

Mr. Trump has a problem, a problem when selecting people for his cabinet, he has too many worthy people to consider.

Of course, Obama didn't have this problem. Hillary would not have had this problem. Podesta, when he wasn't doing some satanic ritual, would be telling them who to pick.

Podesta had giant lists, sorted into Arab-Americans and other minorities, and whoever was in the money or had some connections to those who were in the money was suddenly in the cabinet and other important positions. There was a problem there, some donated too much to the DNC or the Clinton Foundation so they had to get Ambassadorships instead.

Who owns Obama, or Hillary, the answer is nearly everyone. Money here, White House access there. Banks, Wall Street, they got to pick what happened. Saudi Arabia too, it is no coincidence that Hillary was led around for many years by someone from that country.

Who owns Mr. Trump? Who paid Mr. Trump for access? Who controls Mr. Trump?

The answer, and it is proven by how he funded all his campaign, is that Mr. Trump is not owned by anyone.

He is in a great position, instead of being told who to pick, Mr. Trump can select the best person for the job. What a crazy idea, taxpayers getting the best return on their tax money being sent to Washington.

He was endorsed by hundreds of top military brass, he is going to get the right person to run Defense. He has Dr. Ben Carson giving him some advice, so he will find the best person to be in charge of Health and Human Services.

Instead of handing out Secretary jobs like candy, Mr. Trump is going to benefit from competition among great candidates for the jobs. Veterans will get someone who cares about them, and for a change there will be someone in charge of the country's finances who knows what they are doing.

Obama chose people for cabinet spots because they were just all part of the swamp thing going on in Washington. They were all part of the "rigged system". Mr. Trump is draining that swamp, and that definitely means looking far and wide for the right people to help him do that.

Obama was a big failure, and Hillary as Secretary of State was a mess, so that Mr. Trump is doing the opposite of what Obama did when surrounding himself with cabinet members is a very good thing to do.

Everyone claims Mr. Trump has "no political experience", and they say it like it is a negative to have. He has lots of experience, of delegating responsibility to capable people who know what they are doing. If Mr. Trump didn't pick the best people for his companies, instead of being a billionaire businessman, he might just be a community organizer.

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