By: Savannah Smith | 07-08-2017 | News
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Trump Shuns Trudeau at the G-20 Summit, No Time for ‘Little Boy’

The mainstream media may have reported about him as so-called “champion” of liberal views and politics- that is, when they are not frivolously obsessed with his supposed eye-candy looks. But in reality, in the global political world stage, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could not be more insignificant.

The Duran reported that at the G-20 Summit, President Donald Trump showed just how much-or how little- he regards the Canadian leader. While Trump showed much respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has apparently much less regard for the younger Trudeau. And one incident illustrates this.

Before the start of a plenary session with all the G-20 leaders, Trump started a conversation with Brazil’s president Michel Temer, asking “How’s Brazil doing?” Temer answered through an interpreter:” It’s better. The economy’s booming.” In the background then was Trudeau standing like an errant schoolboy. Trump and Temer continued their chat about business when Trump concluded: “Okay, I’ll work that out.” Then Trump true to form managed to add, with a jab at Canada and Trudeau:”But we’ll keep Canada out of it.”

The response of Trudeau? An incoherent, “No, Canada…uh..ha…no no”. Trump just gave Trudeau a patronizing tap on the back before walking away. It seems that he has no desire or intention of “wasting” time with the “little boy.” The brushed aside Canadian had to call out after Trump and uttered:”Donald!”.

Trump has praised Trudeau in public describing him as “wonderful” and doing an “excellent job” which some find actually condescending- exactly how savvy Trump intended it to be. Truth is, the two are simply politically poles apart. The Duran describes Trudeau as a pre-fabricated cookie-cutter social liberal and Trump as the insurgent conservative populist. There is almost no area of significance in which they see eye to eye, in a range of issues from immigration to trade.

Trudeau was photographed at the summit’s dinner sitting silently alone while other top world leaders animatedly engaged in friendly conversations in their table. The Duran assessed Trudeau’s performance at the G-20 summit as:

”Overall, the slick metrosexual Trudeau has cut a pretty pathetic figure at the summit. But not for behaving badly. Rather, Trudeau’s problem seems to be that no one notices him at all.”

And that’s the best Canada has to offer.


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Anonymous No. 4878 2017-07-08 : 21:24

Trump the self serving bitch disrespecting others, yet he whines when people take the piss out of his faggoty ass. mind you he is a pouty little crybaby, that's why he takes ivanka to kiss and make it better

Anonymous No. 4882 2017-07-08 : 22:35

Hi, /leftypol/ faggot.

Anonymous No. 4883 2017-07-08 : 23:14

too bad this goldwater article, like all of them is fake news. today trump said that trudeau was doing a "spectacular" job, that everybody loves trudeau, and they get along really well at the g20. chummy even.

goldwater, fake news. don't worry, trump will sign an executive order that will put all these fake news sites in prison.

Anonymous No. 4884 2017-07-08 : 23:15

Beware savannah smith, Trump has his sights set on you!!!!

Anonymous No. 4887 2017-07-09 : 00:56

Trudeau is a phony, playing good cop but Canada is no better in destroying lesser countries. They even export their trash to third world poor countries whose govt can not fight back due to aid. Shameless!

Anonymous No. 4931 2017-07-09 : 17:28

Anonymous 7/8/2017 23:35:9 No. 4882

Hi, /leftypol/ faggot.

Oh please, try harder, this.. is just sad

btw, why use a description of your boyfriend to describe me? i've already said no before, i'm not going to change my mind

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