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FBI Just Dumped New Hillary Clinton Files

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released brand new information regarding their investigation into Hillary Clinton on their official website.

Agents from the official FBI website wrote, “Hillary Rodham Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009, to February 1, 2013. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.”

As of today, there are now 11 total dumps, whereas prior to today they had only released ten official document dumps.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation timing on this is questionable to release them late on a Friday night when there is no major news cycle and people are out for the weekend, but it seems as if someone within the Bureau wanted to publish these regardless.

While much of the new releases are in fact redacted, there is a name of an interviewee, Katherine M. Turner, has most of the underground internet community now searching heavily to find any at all information on this woman in hopes an Agent from the Bureau intentionally dropped a lead for autistic researchers to follow.

What's certain here is that under the Attorney General Jeff Sessions the Department of Justice is pushing forward with transparency and giving their Agents less restrictions to pursue Criminal Investigations now that Comey and Lynch have released their stranglehold on Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

One can only hope that the Clinton Crime Family eventually meets justice and the chants of “Lock Her Up” that Trump Supporters would roar into on the campaign trail are eventually meme’d into reality.


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Anonymous No. 4869 2017-07-08 : 15:37

cool, if guilty fuck her up. just hope they do same with trumps shit

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