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Austria Joins Poland In Resistance To Islamic Invasion, Sending Troops To Borders

Reports are flooding in that the nation of Austria has deployed four separate armored vehicles to its Italian border and has 750 troops prepared to halt any future flux of migrants from crossing the border.

Italian officials confirmed that the vehicles had been sent to the province that includes the Brenner Pass, which acts as a transitional gateway into Italy used by European trade partners such as Germany to facilitate the process of transferring goods.

Just last year Italy warned than any planned legislation toward a key trade pass would break EU rules on free movement, and that it would respond as if it's economy was threatened.

Austrian Defense Minister, Hans Peter Doskozil, said that the expecting changes at the border with Italy to be introduced "very soon", a comment which sparked fury in Rome. Rome doesn't have much to threaten Austria however, which has a masculine and high morale military that would likely pummel the once great nation if there were to be conflict.

The Austrian Chancellor, Christian Kern, attempted to downplay the dispute and praised its cooperation with Italy. Italy itself is dealing with a surge in the number of Radical Islamic Invaders posing under the guise of ‘migrants’ crossing over the Mediterranean from North Africa seeking welfare and gibs versus assimilation and asylum.

During a recent press conference involving the two nations, Mr. Kern told the reporters present that Austria is preparing to introduce border patrols at Brenner if there is a surge in migrant arrivals there, but that there was no need be in fear of war.

"We are not deploying tanks at Brenner and I can emphasize again that cooperation with Italy is really good.” Said Kern, implying there had not yet been any indication the Italian government had lost control of the situation in the south of their country from the heavily African tribal invaders which are clearly coming to conquer Europe.

In 2017 alone, more than 85,000 invaders posing as migrants have flooded in Italy to rape their women, inherit taxpayer welfare, and inevitably be the Trojan Horse that conquers the nation.

Italy continued to appeal to other European Union countries for help in dealing with the influx of invaders whilst also defending them as ‘migrants fleeing from a war on the journey of crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa”, which unironically is what these globalist cucks actually believe.

Amnesty International has blamed the EU's "reckless" operations in the Mediterranean was causing refugees to die as they attempt the sea crossing in unsafe boats. Poor ‘refugees’, who should be in Africa fighting for independence. Africa doesn't offer social welfare though, and there aren't nearly as many white women for them to rape on their motherland.

The Amnesty International report claims that EU naval operations destroyed many human traffickers wooden boats, which led to many deaths by pushing people to make the crossing in less safe rubber dinghies instead. Yes, Amnesty International is actually defending human trafficking, and even worse most of those onboard are fit and able bodied men. Clearly an invasion.

Austria has had enough and is likely to take a strong stand against the horde as it attempted to conquer it's homeland for the past year. At one point Austria took around one percent of its population in asylum seekers, who came mainly from Turkey, Greece and the Balkans after.

After President Trump's historic speech in Warsaw granting support behind what's becoming the “right-wing Nationalist” resistance to the Globalist EU, consisting of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and of course, Poland, many Nationalist nations such as Austria are turning to Warsaw for guidance on how to repel the invasion.

It only further displays that an inevitable war is brewing between the factions of Europe. Many suggest a civil war may occur, which has Merkel talking about building an “EU Army” to help reinforce her open borders policies. It is highly unlikely the Nationalist nations will fight or die to defend Islamic Invasions of their homelands.

The rising tensions across Europe are creating factions of East versus West, blind versus strong, and cuckold versus the warrior. One side wanting to destroy Europe with diversity, while the other wants to protect their heritage and culture.


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Mulkins No. 4899 2017-07-09 : 04:36

Keep it up! The truth will prevail.

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