By: Earnest Jones | 11-16-2016 | News
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Trump Transition Team Begins Minority Outreach With

The president-elect’s campaign team spent a great deal of time in what many call a historical reach out; neither a Democratic nor the Republican nominee had reached out to the black community like the president-elect Donald Trump did in the campaign trail. Following the pledges that the president-elect made during the campaign trail, his transition team is striving to reach out to the minority with a new deal for the African-Americans which focuses on urban renewal.

A 10-point plan which highlights the policies that the president-elect had proposed in a campaign rally in North Carolina has been forwarded to the by the president-elect surrogates.

In a statement made by the president-elect, he emphasized that it’s unfortunate how the Democratic party leaders have failed to address the needs of the Black Americans. The President-elect said that the conditions of the inner cities are deteriorating by the hour and many Black Americans have been left behind.

The plan aims at changing the state of black communities by revamping the education choices, reducing the crime levels, reducing the tax cuts, reforming the financial sectors, ending trade deficits, handling illegal immigrations, protecting the African American churches and the foreign policy.

The president-elect has a general legislative agenda which includes specific policies that address the inner cities; in the plan, the president-elect aims to increase the law enforcement and increase the prospects for African Americans to invest. As if that’s not enough, the president-elect also intends to introduce tax holidays for African American’s who intended to invest in the inner-city and also introduce tax incentives to companies that relocate to inner cities. The plan will enable cities to access federal designation for shattered communities in order initiate the reconstruction of key infrastructures, the enhancement of law enforcement, and the process of demolishing abandon properties.

The plan has been unleashed at such a time when the riots and anti-Trump protesters have gone to the streets in the recent past resulting in violence and chaos. The election exit polls have revealed that the president-elect did not do well among the African American’s since he only had 8 percent of the votes. This was totally different from the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who earned 88 percent of the African American votes.

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