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Democrat's New Slogan Fails To Connect w/ America

The Democratic Party has literally destroyed itself from the inside out. It lacks any invigorating promises and fails to connect with the mainstream entirely.

As if they weren't already lacking star power or promise, it continues to focus only on itself and bolstering its own ranks without offering any promises to the people of America in any way.

Their new Congressional slogan for 2018 is literally “Make Congress Blue Again”. Instead of promising change for their base or offering solutions to real world problems, the Democratic Party allowed its own ego and horrendously miserable public relations team to create a disaster of a slogan and logo.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they just released their new 2018 platform slogan. The major unveiling for change is: “I Mean, Have You Seen The Other Guys?”

No. This isn't satire. This is the legitimate slogan chosen by the Democratic Party for 2018. A plain royal blue background with the words “Democrats” written in sky blue cursive, and the slogan in white.

Resist the urge to laugh. The entire internet is laughing right now at the Democratic Party and their rhetorical failure to launch here.

Even typically Leftist Media outlets and publications are shaking their heads asking what the hell is wrong with their party.

LGBTQ Nation wrote:

“Proposed Democratic slogan for 2018 perfectly sums up what’s wrong with them”

Independent wrote:

“Democrat proposal for 2018 slogan slammed as 'historically bad' and 'exactly why they lost'”

Bustle wrote:

“People Can't Decide If These Democrat Slogan Ideas Are Funny Or Just Plain Sad”

The Daily Wire wrote:

“Democrat Party's INSANE New Trial Slogan Exposes Everything Wrong With The Democrat Party”

The Hill wrote:

“…Many wondered why the party would try out such a self-deprecating campaign line.”

Adam Serwer of The Atlantic tweeted:

“Dems are asking people to vote on a new sticker and I'm not sure anyone in history has been as bad at this.”

Yes I know, we should be savoring their never ending downward spiral. They lost because they cannot connect with the hearts and minds of the public and well, sixty plus years of failed liberal policies and broken promises have turned the majorities in this country against them.

The sad part is, not only are they lacking any fresh leadership, but they still don't seem to understand. They're still pushing “resistance”, still pushing “not my President”, still calling us “racist” and “Nazi” and “bigots” and “violent”, all the while American people seem the left as being responsible for the very actions they accused the right of.

Even hardcore Democrats outside or the progressive movement have walked away from the party. Lifelong liberals are disturbed by what their party has turned into. Many are embracing different factions of the right, finding a comfy home, while others are the #DemExit crowd searching for third party alternatives.

The party that once stood for the working class has completely betrayed them, and under President Trump there is once again a new dawn of morning in America.

2018 and 2020 are certainly showing promise for the right at this point, with its immense support and organizational efforts. It also helps that the antics from the left continue to portray themselves as un-American and disgusting almost daily.

Political temperament is high and rage is still burning in the right just from watching the left act out in violence and aggression.

Keep in mind all of the terrible riots Antifa was responsible for and the shooting at the Congressional Baseball Practice targeting Republicans solely.

Keep in mind the daily barrage of Leftist crybabies all over social media and the owners and moderators of those social media sites continuing to silence the right with suspensions and bans.

Keep in mind the left stream media daily comparing Trump to Hitler or Mussolini or even going as far as to suggest he should murder his son in law. Daily saying he's colluding with Russian Leaders. Calling him a traitor. It's despicable.

Every time this happens they only fan the flames of the right, and the fire is most certainly still rising.

Trump 2020.


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Anonymous No. 4849 2017-07-08 : 01:02

>Democrats 2018

>Not 20xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

They still have millions of years to try winning before the Earth is dead.

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