By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-16-2016 | News
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Immigrants Pressuring Universities to Become Sanctuaries to Avoid Deportation

Individuals staying in the country illegally are now scrambling after Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the U.S. In their desperation to avoid being deported, they have now started pressuring universities in the country to convert their facilities into sanctuaries.

During his campaign race, Trump has maintained a solid stance against undocumented immigrants staying in the country. For him, aside from posing a threat to national security, the massive influx of immigrants is also draining the U.S. economy. Because of these, he has promised to deport up to 3 million immigrants during his first few months as president.

Trump’s proposal of enacting this policy has caused immigrants to become restless. Due to their fear of being taken back to their homelands, many of them have started pitting U.S. universities against Trump’s incoming administration.

Through letters, many immigrants have started urging university officials to provide sanctuary to those who are in danger of getting deported.

“If these polices are enacted, they will prove disastrous, subjecting students and workers who are integral to our community to punitive measures, and countering Northwestern’s stated commitment to ‘the personal and intellectual growth of its students in a diverse academic community,’” a group of immigrants stated in a letter to the Northwestern University in Illinois according to The Hill.

Letters containing the same message were also sent to various prestigious institutions including Notre Dame, Harvard, Stanford and the USC.

What these universities might fail to realize is that if they agree to function as sanctuaries, then they would be exposing their students to potential dangers brought on by the immigration crisis. It has already been proven that individuals who have extremist leanings or links to terrorist groups have taken advantage of the immigration crisis to enter other countries.

By providing these kinds of people sanctuary, universities would inadvertently expose students and American citizens to possible lone wolf or organized attacks by certain immigrants whose intention is to spread terror and violence in the country.

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