By: Earnest Jones | 11-16-2016 | News
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Donald Trump will not abandon Nato commitment: Barack Obama Says

President Barack Obama has reassured world leaders that the president-elect Donald Trump will continue the commitment to the Nato alliance; the President made this statement in a bid to reassure the nervous world leaders who are concerned about the position of the president-elect’s position on the same issue.

This results from the Republicans presidential-elect comments during the presidential election campaigns where he made statements referring to the Nato as obsolete as he praised Vladimir Putin the Russian leader who appears to be alarming in the foreign capitals arena.

President Barack Obama made a statement in the White House before he made his way to Europe for his final foreign trip on Tuesday. President Barack Obama made a comment that the president-elect Donald Trump will not leave the decades-old alliance with Nato.

The president said that there is massive steadiness apart from the daily news that makes the United States a vital nation when it comes to sustaining order and opulence around the Globe. He added that the relationship will continue saying that in his conversation with the president-elect they discussed how they are going to maintain the strategic relationships and commitment to the transatlantic alliance and Nato.

President Barack Obama added that in his trip to Europe it was very important that he let’s Europe know that the United States of America is committed to maintaining the strong and vigorous Nato relationship; he also added that the alliances were beneficial for the Europe and the United States and the World at large.

On his first trip to Europe, president Barack Obama touched down on Tuesday in Athens, Greece which was his first stop in the one week trip. The President will also head to Germany and Peru in the Europe trip. He expects to meet a dozen of foreign leaders as he intends to reassure them of Donald Trump’s presidency and its implications to the World security.

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Anonymous No. 499 2016-11-16 : 21:04

American s want the best I not making the deal so I don't know what, I do not judge because i do not know everything about it

Anonymous No. 500 2016-11-16 : 21:04

No but he will make them pay their fare share .

Anonymous No. 506 2016-11-17 : 06:44

I will be SOOOO glad when I don't have to see his face or hear him say one more time, "That's not who we are" Or "Let me be Clear.'''

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