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Rudy Giuliani Is The Favorite To Be Trump's Secretary of State

In a statement made on Monday by one of the senior Trump transition official, it’s evident that the former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been the favorite to be Secretary of State in the president-elect Donald Trump’s administration. As the official reported to the Associated Press, he added that there wasn’t much competition for the role of the Secretary Of State and that the former Mayor was the ideal fit for the role. However, in any political realm there is always some dispute and in this case, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was also in contention for the position; his name is John Bolton.

In another statement made to the Fox News by a senior source, the decision was not locked in but the former New York Mayor was being considered for the role of the Secretary of State.

The same source added that one of the key decision makers in the selection of officials was

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala; he was one of the earliest Washington supporters.

In a Washington event that was sponsored by Wall Street Journal, Giuliani who has been a top surrogate to the Trump’s administration declined being the attorney general in Trump’s administration. This comes after the former Federal Prosecutor had been seen by many as the ideal nominee for the Justice Department post before election results.

The former mayor made a statement saying that he thought Bolton was the ideal choice for the position of Secretary of State. He also posed a question asking if there was anyone else who was ideal for the position; he responded with a roguish smile saying ‘’Maybe me, I don’t know.’’

The former mayor also highlighted a few issues; he touched on the ISIS terror group saying that it was key to Donald Trump’s administration although he didn’t dwell on the specifics of the exact plan on what the president-elect intended to do regarding the terror group. Giuliani also highlighted the issue on Russia’s power and influence in the global affairs. He added that Russia thought it was a military competitor with the United States but that wasn’t the case, he added that the Obama’s administration had failed terribly to use the military and that made Russia to appear powerful.

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