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After Failed Ivanka Assassination Democrats Need to be Held Accountable For Calls To Violence

At some point, fake news outlets like CNN and MSNBC that continue to encourage violence by promoting ‘resistance’ and implying that Donald J. Trump is somehow an illegitimate President or has colluded with foreign governments have to finally own up to the actions of their base when violence occurs.

It's not just the media, it's Democratic politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters who spew rhetoric suggesting the people need to ‘ramp up the resistance’ with continued claims of illegitimacy towards President Trump.

As we've seen now with James Hodgkinson’s brutal shooting of the Congressional Baseball Practice that mentally disturbed individuals can be driven to extreme measures when the media and politicians in their own party suggest the undertones that the President is somehow an enemy of America.

Just today, a man was arrested at Trump Tower who was carrying a fake ID, allegedly an illegal immigrant, armed with throwing knives and a weighted sock, and wearing a bulletproof vest.

As if that's not bad enough, the suspect apparently claimed he was a US Senator and needed to contact Ivanka Trump. It's quite clear he had some intention of causing her harm.

He may have even been mentally unstable, and it's likely that is the case since the brave Secret Service sent him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. That being said these are the types of unstable men and women who are likely to take the media and the politician’s words literally and take some sort of revenge actions against the Administration.

It doesn't just end with the media and politicians though, Marxist celebrities from Hollywood are spewing the same deceptive lies and horrendously sick rhetoric in order to gain attention promoting their careers.

Earlier this year Lady GaGa stood outside Trump Tower leading a protest with Anarcho-Communist Antifa members suggesting that Donald Trump was a fascist and a threat to America.

Donald Trump is a Democratically elected President of the United States of America. These people have no limits as to what they'll say and their words are misguiding their followers into committing crimes.

Madonna took to the stage earlier this year basically calling for a revolution in America to topple Trump with a profane rant that lasted several minutes with several separate phrases which were suggestive.

Johnny Depp insinuated that President Trump could be assassinated by an actor, similar to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, as if somehow suggesting he himself would carry out the act while on stage apparently strung out on drugs or alcohol in Europe in front of thousands of fans.

Kathy Griffin recently displayed an image of herself holding a bloody and decapitated head of the President of the United States of America which sparked such a backlash that the people who support the President literally called for her termination. It did not happen.

In fact that seems to be a recurring scenario, where there is zero accountability when it's clear these individuals are laughing over the fact they can continue to get away with basically sedition and threatening the lives of the the President and his family as well as encouragement of their fans to act out.

What are we going to have to do to stop this? It's complete madness. This isn't a joke anymore. Someone had the intent to kill Ivanka Trump today, whether or not she was there is irrelevant.

It's the root cause of these actions that are the problem and they're not being held accountable or owning up to what they say that causes these mentally ill people to continue to attempt to commit these crimes.

Is it going to take a mass killing or an actual assassination to stop the radicalized leftists from spewing their words of hate and lies? It's sickening. Enough is enough.

Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America whether they like it or not.


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annais No. 4813 2017-07-07 : 07:41

i LOVE couldve gone a little further too :)

Anonymous No. 4814 2017-07-07 : 07:42

These people are seriously sick

Ejwalters No. 4816 2017-07-07 : 08:21

Not any actual FACTS in this article, it relies too much on inuendo.

But if the Author is going to claim to be a writer, he should ensure he has edited for mispelled words and, in this case, he ought to make sure there are no words missing in the headline. Read it. Read again. Until you realize which word is missing!

Anonymous No. 4821 2017-07-07 : 15:43

so dumbold grump can hint at violence and murder, but no-one else..

Hi, i'm a conservative, can someone please murder the dickhead known as frump?

pretty please

aww go on, i won't tell promise

cc No. 4828 2017-07-07 : 16:46

Exactly the way Trump won was by using racist, intolerable and violence ridden rhetoric!! So why blame Dems when Trumps people did the screw-up!! Of course, when your handlers forget to make early reservations for the POTUS/FLOTUS and all the other countries buy up entire floors and hotels you have to take whatever flophouse is left!! Way to go guys, so much for security!!

Anonymous No. 4843 2017-07-07 : 23:57

trumps supporters have to blame everyone else, they'll still be doing in 4 years, if it lasts that long. don't forget, trump has 'never' taken responsibility for any wrongdoing, mistakes, errors, if he was in a nursery giving a speech and a kid started crying he'd say it was a dem plot because they hadn't suffocated the child beforehand

Anonymous No. 4859 2017-07-08 : 06:42

Look at all these assblasted Kikes in this thread

Anonymous No. 4867 2017-07-08 : 15:28

assblasted kikes, ohhh the originality, so sad, can't even make a new insult, let alone a coherent defence or rebuttal. if youre having difficulties try a thesaurus

Ann Harris No. 4977 2017-07-10 : 15:59

This article implies that the hateful left, be it MSM, Antifa, BLM……., would care if such a thing happened. It's what they want.

The human animal is easily vulnerable. Once they get pulled into this 'mass hysteria', they become pack animals and lose all sense of common decency or caring of their fellow man/woman.

The answer lies in how to switch them back to decent humans beings. It's clear our youth are far different from how youth were a few decades ago. Respect for others is the greatest loss to civilization in recent times. It took centuries to build western civilization to 'almost' perfection. And a couple decades to reverse it.

Anonymous No. 5257 2017-07-17 : 02:57

Bunch of slack-jawed faggots ITT. But its nice to see this level of asshurt by all these jews and shills. Nothing in this article was a lie, and that's exactly why people are so mad. They dont like being called out and confronted with the truth

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