Breaking News: An Illegal Immigrant Just Tried To Kill Ivanka Trump

By Red Pill , The Goldwater · 07-07-2017
Photo credit: Wanghanan |

Police and Secret Service said a man from the Bronx who is allegedly an illegal immigrant tried to enter Trump Tower to Assassinate Ivanka Trump.

Adames Benitez, 52, was wearing ballistic gear under his shirt when he arrived at the Midtown Trump Tower building before Secret Service noticed he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Benitez told the agents that he was a U.S. Senator there to talk to Ivanka Trump about her dress line, and that he owned the building, police said.

Secret Service searched the man only to have revealed that Benitez was carrying two throwing knives, a weighted sock and a fake New York State ID card, authorities said.

He was then taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation, according to Secret Service. He is charged with weapons possession and having a bogus ID. More details as they arrive.


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Please God protect the trump family from these crazy illegals

Round them up and return them to their Country of origin.

Yeah, send drumf's back to their real country

Want to piss off the most powerful man in the world - threaten his daughter, then watch the wrath of hell pour down on you until you wish you were dead.

hey trump guess what, you dick toy got scared, next time.

do you think that'll piss the coward off?

lets face it, chump hasn't got the stones to go one on one, he only looks brave in scripted shows

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