By: Earnest Jones | 11-15-2016 | News
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Netflix CEO Comes Out As Anti-Trump

There has been intense opposition coming from various business leaders in the corporate world; most of this leaders appear to be against the Republican president-elect. This leaders include Netflix CEO Reed Hastings who has severally knocked the Republican president-elect Donald Trump, he had previously released a statement in which he appeared to be supporting the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Some of the other business leaders who have appeared to oppose the President-elect include Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway and Facebook COE Vandenberg.

The Netflix CEO had made a statement earlier this year in which he said that the president-elect would destroy America’s greatness; the Netflix CEO has been supporting the Democratic nominee saying that Hillary Clinton was stronger than Donald Trump; he even said that Donald Trump should lose the election by a landslide.

The former General Motors CEO also came out strongly opposing the Republican presidential candidate; he is a veteran who had earlier on served as a naval officer, despite having voted for Republicans in the past, Dan said that he wouldn’t vote for Mr. Trump. He added that the leader of the free world ought to be effective in leadership, have a sound judgement, and most importantly have a temperament to deal with large or small crises. The former CEO said that Mr. Trump lacked this qualities and that the Democratic nominee had the experience and exposure to serve as the next commander in chief.

The Netflix CEO has made several statements in which he made his equal on the Republican presidency.

The CEO said that if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, it would greatly affect the United States of America. The CEO’s comments were not the first critics that he has delivered, it was part of a stream of comments he has made several times against Mr. Trump’s presidency.

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