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George Soros Angry over Republican sweep pays Washington DC demonstrators

It seems every news outlet you turn to these days has another breaking story involving yet another protest against president elect, Donald Trump. However, if you have not heard the name George Soros before, you may be missing an important piece of the puzzle that might make things a lot more clear and easy to understand, in particular, the onslaught of media coverage and attention that the #notmypresident movement has been receiving.

For those of use in the know, it is understood that nothing in this country gets this much press attention for no reason. Yes, this is a major news story that greatly affects us all as Americans and human beings, but that may not necessarily be the main reason these protests are flooding your favorite news stations and being plastered all over your Facebook feed. Could there be an alternative reason behind why the #notmypresident movement has gained so much headway so quickly, a more sinister reason? Well in order to answer that question we must first look into the man of the hour, George Soros.

When you first begin researching George Soros, everything checks out perfectly; he's an accomplished author, investor, philanthropist, political activist, and he's even the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations which today operates in more than 100 countries and works to promote the values of open society, human rights, and transparency. Sounds like a good guy, right? Well, I suppose that depends on who you talk to and, more importantly, how much you truly know.

Although all of George Soro's accomplishments may sound great on paper, there is another paper trail that isn't so pristine and is definitely not littered with awards and gold stars. As soon as you begin to dig a little deeper into his history with "philanthropy," the picture begins to come into focus and all the connections begin to form - George Soro's has been directly linked to several protest movements worldwide and they weren't all peace, love and Kumbaya either.

Many believe that men, like George Soros, are responsible for funding and pulling the strings behind many high profile protests around the world. At first, you may think it's all just a big coincidence, but on second glance, you start to wake up to the very grim and unsettling reality that these protests are created and funded for ulterior motives - motives that are usually contradictory to the cause it happens to be supporting. George Soros funds protests such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall street, and most recently, #notmypresident, for three main reasons: 1) to cause division and hostility between two groups, 2) disrupt and aggravate already tense political situations, and 3) secretly manipulate protesters in order to create a situation that in turn leads to profit, power and/or political gain.

Although freedom of speech is something we take great pride in here in America, and while voicing one's opinion and standing up for what you believe will always be welcomed and protected, we must not forget that our passions make us susceptible to manipulation as well. No one likes being taken advantage of but before we can stop it, we must first admit and accept that it is indeed happening.

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