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The Anti-Defamation League declares Trump cabinet anti-Semitic

Once again the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) loonies are incorrectly labeling members of the Trump team as anti-Semitic. Specifically, this character assignation is directed at Steve Bannon. This again is baseless fear mongering by a group not known for fair judgments.

As is typical of the ADL – they are labeling the entire cabinet anti-Semitic because of Bannon. However, this just simply isn't true. Mr. Bannon has supported and written in support of Israel and the Jewish community many times and has frequently demonstrated his support by aligning himself with groups that support the Jewish faith.

Would President-Elect Trump REALLY appoint anyone who is anti-Semitic? In their haze of ignorance and hate, does the ADL even understand that Trump's own son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew and by many measures his most trusted advisor? Really? This makes no sense and though typical of statements and beliefs of the ADL is VERY shameful.

The members of this ADL group that are pushing this disgusting falsehood of Trump's team should be immediately removed. There is no place for this hate mongering and ignorant treatment of people who most certainly do not deserve it. There is tremendous evidence to show that Steve Bannon is NOT anti-Semitic in any way and the ADL should apologize and make the necessary changes in the organization to punish those who championed the spread of these lies.

If this country is to move forward all groups owe a greater responsibility to the country to be careful of hate speak and inaccurate claims. This is the greatest country in the world and Donald Trump is soon to be our President. It is time to stop with criminal negativity and dangerous ignorance of groups like the ADL. It is time for all Americans to be careful to double check the things they hear in the media. Take responsibility for what they read and hear as it is obvious many groups seek to spread falsehoods and breed fear. DO NOT allow the ADL assassinate the character of Trump's team!! Check the facts and when you find them - HOLD THE ADL ACCOUNTABLE. SPEAK Out! Enough is enough!

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