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Breaking News : Truck Loaded with Explosives At Hansom AFB

Earlier this morning during a random vehicle inspection at Hansom Air Force Base in Massachusetts authorities detected “some potentially explosive material, which caused the base to put response actions in place,” officials said.

Due to the finding of the explosives there has been a mass mandatory evacuation and a complete lockdown of all nearby training facilities for both military and civilian personnel at Hansom AFB. Those actions included a closure of the base’s Vandenberg (Rte 2A) Gate.

Explosives materials experts are on the scene alongside first responders who will likely both further investigate how the vehicle came into the vicinity and who was driving and/or owns the vehicle. If necessary they will perform a controlled detonation.

It's most likely the rest of the base will now be swept after this major security incident at one of America’s military high profile bases. As of this time there are no reported injuries however authorities say this is an active crime scene and the investigation will continue.



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Anonymous No. 4792 2017-07-06 : 23:35

bullshit, some pallets had trace elements of an unidentified substance in a moving van, it might only be fertiliser, or one of trumps speeches

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