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Trump's cabinet picks help us imagine his first 100 days.

Before diving into such a complex notion we first need to break the conditioning. The conditioning of the mainstream media (MSM), which is constantly on the verge of intellectual suicide. Forget the message of the end is coming. In the end, all we have is rumors until the decision is final. I think that Trump knows what he is doing. But, and this is a very large but; we need to stay wary of internal actors acting on behalf of the elites infiltrating these cabinet choices. In turn, influencing Trump during his active term.

We do know so far Trump's choices towards Chief of Staff and Strategist positions. Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon respectively. The pick of Bannon is interesting in the regards of Trump's continual movement away from the republican base establishment. Which is not a "popular" choice, but today the truth is not topical. Bannon is on this "controversial" side of history. He was likened to all of Breitbart by the MSM instead of his own personal views. On the other hand, it is Reince who is closer to the establishment. He served as a sort of firewall between Trump and the RNC. It seems Priebus might have the same role in the administration. From these choices, it seems as if Trump will stick to his promises no matter how often MSM tries to detract from his messages and say he is recanting promises.

Regarding the theories of future choices; we also need to recall the history of his presidential campaign itself. Previously, rumors also floated around about Trump's vice presidential choice. Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and the likes were top of the list. Then out of left field came Pence especially after Mike did not even support Trump in his state primary, instead opting for Ted Cruz. Rumors are just that, rumors. We need to not get wrapped up in theories, we need to bury ourselves up to our ears in facts. In all honesty, Trump's cabinet matters just as much now. We need to come together and stop leftist deflections, sore losers from the election itself.

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