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Amnesty International Demands EU to Open Its Borders for Refugees Even Wider

Human-rights organization Amnesty International blames the amount of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea in the European Union and demands “more safe and legal routes for migrants and refugees to reach Europe.“

In their report, Amnesty International criticizes the EU for the situation and treatment of refugees in Libyan detention centers and claims that the EU is intentionally letting sea rescue charities save migrants with inadequate safety conditions. Furthermore, they heavily criticize the latest European Commission plan to prevent migrants from attempting to cross the sea.

European interior ministers are currently discussing and reviewing the 92-million-dollar action plan that is supposed to improve the situation. Half the funds are earmarked for boosting cooperation with the Libyan coastguard to stop illegal human traffickers from enabling migrants to enter unsafe boats and take their chances at sea.

The other 50% is supposed to support Italy in their plight. The Italian government recently reported on the extent of the migrant crisis in their country: the number of migrants arriving daily is so high that Italy is incapable of providing the necessary accommodations. With Italy running out of space for migrants to settle in, the government threatened to close their ports to any non-Italian ships, forcing any migrant ships attempting to enter the country illegally to turn back.

Despite this reasonable and understandable plan, Amnesty International instead criticizes the EU for not spending this money on enabling an easier crossing for refugees while demonizing Italy and other countries for attempting to stop the constant flow of migrants, who they simply cannot take in any longer.

The human-rights organization would prefer it if the EU did not focus on disrupting the efforts of smugglers and human traffickers. According to them, the EU should support search-and-rescue operations at sea and cease any cooperation with the Libyan coastguard, whose interceptions, they claim, put migrants at risk.

Apparently, Amnesty International does not even consider the possibility of demanding solid improvements for refugees in Africa, outside the purview of the European Union, so that migrants would not be encouraged or drawn to crossing the dangerous Mediterranean Sea in order to enter countries that have more and more trouble taking them in.


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Anonymous No. 4776 2017-07-06 : 12:53

My dear fellow bluepilled european brothers and sisters are waking up just as me that unfortunately these refugees do not seek refuge to end their suffering, but merely to bring it to us aswell.

More and more of our good hearted people are realising this, and people such as Amnesty won't be able to keep us taking all this bullshit for much longer.

Glad to know that everyone else is also slowly waking up to the tragic reality.

Ian Bennett No. 4798 2017-07-07 : 00:40

Those found at sea in the Med should be taken back to their country of departure or a flight to their country of origin. Makes the smugglers not have any rewards and will stop the smuggling. Set up a processing center in say Saudi Arabia to checked over by the UNHCR.

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