By: Savannah Smith | 07-06-2017 | News
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Reporter Horrifyingly Gets Vomited on By Drunks During Live Newscast

A reporter’s job can be accompanied by certain hazards, more so for live television coverage. But it’s not only shots being fired, a typhoon or other disasters’ fury, or even the wrath of hostile subjects that a reporter should watch out for as a source of potential danger, fear or sticky situation. Covering a seemingly fun and high energy event as a booze-fueled running and swimming competition can be “hazardous“, too, when sh_t happens as a Californian reporter found out in the most undesirable and gross manner when her interviewee vomited on her during a live newscast.

KLTA reporter Wendy Burch was all hyper surrounded by beer-swilling revelers on Tuesday at the annual Ironman Run-Paddle-Chug competition, where participants run and then swim a mile before consuming a six-pack of beer.

During her live report for the studio newscast, Burch grabbed a man with a huge built for an on-cam interview whom she also described in her report as someone who had been “clearly training for this event for years”. It could be that he was specifically chosen for his bulk to shield viewers from any graphic scenes happening nearby. Burch was surrounded by groups of men and women formed rings around cases after cases of beer.

Her choice proved to be an unwise decision- if not a total disaster. What happened next was one monumental gross-out moment for the poor reporter- anchors in the studio, and viewers, too. Burch told the disgusting tale herself.

Burch said: “What I didn’t notice until later, is that he had a bullseye drawn on his back with the words ‘puke here ‘ written in magic marker. And wouldn’t you know it? Someone took him up on the offer right during the middle of my live report, much to the chagrin of me, our anchors and anyone in Southern California who may have been eating breakfast at that time. “

The footage shows that after Burch fielded her question to the guy about his training for the event, someone splattered vomit to the guy hitting him on the shoulders, but part of the disgusting vomit bounced to Burch’s face, and perhaps her shoulders, too.

The thing is the footage froze right after the vomit lands on the man that may have partially hit Burch, too. Viewers speculated that a quick-acting producer stopped the live report. Burch clarified that it was just a technical glitch on their end and not the intervention of a concerned producer. She added:”And while the anchors tried to regain their composure and go on to the next story, I assumed I was still live. So, for the better part of the next two minutes, I just kept interviewing drunken people, while sudsy substances flew in the air and landed in my hair”. “

The lady anchor in the studio could not help but show how grossed out she found the incident, covering her mouth with her hand in shock and disgust with what happened horrifying live on air.

For Burch, she simply shrugged it afterward. “All in a day’s work “ for a reporter. After it was a wrap, she drove home, took a hot shower and a long nap.” That’s how she recovers from a “dangerous “ moment on live TV.


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