By: Savannah Smith | 07-06-2017 | News
Photo credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Man with Fetish Strangles 16-Year-Old to Death During Sex

A British man who has the sick fetish for enjoying the sensation of strangling women during sex killed a 16-year-old girl in his bedroom by, -well predictably but horribly- strangling her.

James Morton, 24 was introduced to Hannah Pearson by her boyfriend who happens to be his friend, Jed Hope, on July 23 last year, the same night when the teenager met her untimely and senseless death in the hands of Morton.

The three were out drinking in Lincoln to celebrate Hope’s 19th birthday after which Morton invited the couple to join him back to his parents’ house in nearby Newark on Tent, saying his folks were away. The Nottingham Crown court heard that Hope declined the offer because he did not have train fare, but oddly his girlfriend took up Morton’s offer.

Prosecutor Michael Evans QC told the court that when they were alone in the house, Morton admitted that he and Pearson started kissing and got into bed.

Morton further admitted to the prosecutor that the teenager allowed him to strangle her lightly, then he increased the pressure. Evans told the court: “The defendant admitted to enjoying the sensation of strangling women during sex. He admitted enjoying the feeling of domination. He said he does not ask before he does it but waits to see if they enjoy it.”

Evans further narrated what Morton told him: After releasing his grip on Pearson’s neck, Morton started massaging her neck and shoulders. He said Morton even claimed that at that time the girl was “participating.”

Shortly after, though, Morton said he could no longer hear her breathing and checked her pulse and could not feel anything. Morton switched the light and saw “to his surprise, her eyes were glazed, her lips were purple and she was covered in blood.”

Morton immediately called the police to report that he had killed someone “by accident”

Evans also shared to the court that Morton has since changed his version of the story. Morton claimed that Pearson “was tipsy and struggling to stand up” to his bed, because he “felt responsible for her and had no intention of having sex with her.”

Police found Pearson’s naked body lying on the floor in the early hours the following day when they responded to the call. They also found her phone smashed into three pieces next to her.

Morton denies one count of murder he is being accused of. The trial continues and the police’s testimonies and results of autopsy would be crucial in determining the guilt or innocence of Morton.


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Anonymous No. 4765 2017-07-06 : 02:56

well shit's fucked up, but karma's a bitch

Anonymous No. 4773 2017-07-06 : 07:38

The former boyfriend probably doesn't care at all. Bet when the police or whoever told him "I'm sorry to say this, but your girlfriend has been murdered" - "Wh-what? How?" - "W-well, the murderer, James Norton, claims to have strangled her accidently to death while having intercourse with her. I deep–" - "Oh, that's what it is - always had a feeling she was a whore. Have a good day officer" - "Y-you too, S-sir"

Anonymous No. 4777 2017-07-06 : 12:56

>Strangling a person during sex

>Without any light


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