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Damon Wayans Jr’s July 4th Joke Targeting Whites Receives Strong Backlash

While most Americans proudly celebrated the 4th of July, “New Girl” star Damon Wayans, Jr. preferred to make a joke out of the celebrations, and the significance of the holiday for the nation. He received backlash for the joke, which many found offensive instead of funny

Wayans tweeted on Tuesday, on the Fourth of July: “Happy white people proud of their racist ancestors day.”

The passionate responses against the “joke” came quick and many took Wayans to task for such offensive tweet on a day of celebrations for the country. One critic commented: “Just another example of Hollywood talking down to Americans. They hate this country & their fans.#FabricatedRacism sadly returns @wayansjr.”

Wayans did not see the need to apologize for his disrespectful and insulting tweet, instead he countered: “ A joke some took too personally. So what. Jokes aren’t illegal.”

More reactions, responses and condemnation for the joke followed. One Twitter user said: “When I think of the men and women who have died fr our independence, laughter does not come to mind.” Another social media user agreed: “ Exactly!Thank you for saying this. :-) These types of statements no matter the context can not be considered jokes.” One put up a meme that reads: “580,00 WHITE MEN DIED TO END SLAVERY. THIS FLAG FLIES FOR YOU, TOO!”

One social media user could not help but turn personal against Wayans. He wrote: “Enjoy what’s left of your already s___ty career that your dad created for you.” Wayans, the son of comedian Damon Wayans, replied: “Thanks…will do.”

Some could not help replying to Wayans with some sarcasm. A girl replied: “Thank you!!Happy #4thofJuly. You should be thankful too, we all hit lottery when born in US. Where else on planet would you be better off.” Then a man posted: Damon Wayans sounds uncomfortable living in the USA. Maybe he should leave, move to country that he can love.”

One social media user brought up the issue of Wayans’ color when reacting with the comment: “It wasn’t a joke. Notice the skin color of the one that is throwing the “race card”! SURPRISING??? Just par for the coarse (sic).”

In spite of the many he has offended and hurt with his “joke”, Wayans never showed repentance for what he posted nor even give a hint of an apology for those genuinely affected by his post. Instead, he had this message for another user: “It was a joke. But feel free to be offended by it.”


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Anonymous No. 4844 2017-07-08 : 00:08

trump asks golfers if they've fucked niggers and calls blacks lazy, but the hyporacists throw a tantrum about snide joke by black guy. another thing ya star spangled spazs, July 4 was independence, civil war(not marvel, idiots) was slavery, mind you skin in america is getting pretty thin, just ask chump

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