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Democratic pedophilia scandal Pizzagate, shows the shamed face of political depravity

Pizza Gate has been renowned as the scandal that will bring down the United States Federal Government; how? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The Pizza gate scandal will bring the Federal Government to its knees by simply dissolving the Democratic Party.

The enormous potential the Pizza gate scandal poses is outstanding; the crime spree has been unfolding recently and the kind of issues cropping up are enough to impeach the D.C. power-brokers, Beltway lobbyists, well-known globalists, and leading politicians. The United States citizens have been anxiously waiting for this scandal to unfold.

In the political arena, there have been numerous scandals that surprisingly end with ‘Gate’ it started with Benghazigate which blew cover to the Emailgate and consequently the Emailgate led to the Servergate as if that wasn’t enough, both the Servergate and Emailgate unleashed the Weinergate which has unveiled the most controversial, Pizza gate.

The Pedophilia Pizza gate has enormous capability to blow things out of proportion compared to the previous ‘Gate’ scandals. The scandal poses a huge threat to the eminent criminal power structure that has its roots in Washington D.C. with the aid of the World Shadow Government (WSG).

The political power structure in Washington D.C has been under the domination by the Obamas, Podestas, Clintons, Reids, Ryans; the structure has been carefully organized with the use of ideal strategies that irrevocably corrupt and alter the political class; it’s such a total digress. There have been divisive strategies that are employed to blackmail and set-up the politicians; such include striking sex crimes that revolve around child trafficking and sexual abuse.

The political scene is filled with dirty games. Ethical politicians aren’t excluded from this naughty blackmail. Politicians are invited to events that appear innocent, only for them to be treated to a satanic child sex ritual late in the evening.

By merely attending the crime scene, they become victims of possible blackmail and bribery. This is how the Zionist plotters, Jesuit masters, and globalist overlords are able to keep congress in control. This is the same reason why congress rarely prosecutes the President or one of their own.

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paul straughn No. 490 2016-11-16 : 13:40

If this story is true how many people are going to commit suicide before this story really hits the news stands across the united states.

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