By: Major James Burdock | 07-05-2017 | News

The Official Goldwater Quarterly Climate Change Report

Here is our quarterly Goldwater Climate Change Update

Patriots flocked to the slopes of Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe for the fourth of July for a bit of skiing in bikinis in the morning and some river rafting in the afternoon to cool off.

Al Gore must be scratching his inconveniently stupid head right now. People celebrating their patriotism on snow he never thought would exist, water that would not exist and in a country he has extorted billions from through the religion of Climate Change - Previously known as Global Warming.

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Anonymous No. 4734 2017-07-05 : 09:41

Global warming is a HOAX

Anonymous No. 4739 2017-07-05 : 16:00

So you're using a climate anomaly as proof that therre's no climate changes, wow, you really are stupid.

P.S. Climate change is slightly bigger than Lake Tahoe, but don't bother scratching your inconveniently small brain about it, after all if climate change is real it's your kids that'll suffer, so why should you care?

Anonymous No. 4751 2017-07-05 : 18:48

Mmmm, report, mmmm

Anonymous No. 4768 2017-07-06 : 04:56

It's been literally 25+ years since environmentalists started warning us and literally none of their predictions have come true.

People who still believe in "global warming" at this point are retarded.

Anonymous No. 4791 2017-07-06 : 23:31

The problem is that a few dumb asses wildly over exaggerated either to get some fame and fortune, or simply because of bad data collation, etc. Climate issues are real, just not so obvious. Everything has an effect to some degree, you're stupid if you think otherwise. It's not as though a tornado is going to hold up a sign saying 'caused by pollution, etc', and only an idiot would expect that. Here'[s something simple though, would you pour arsenic into your water supply for your kids to drink or clean up, up how about leaving toxic waste next to your kids school, if you think its ok then i feel sorry for your kids. Most people would sensibly want the nasty shit dealt with as cleanly as possible, it's only the lazy scumbags that would take dump in the kitchen and tell the kids to clean it up. How about this old chestnut 'lead by example'

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