By: Earnest Jones | 11-14-2016 | News

Pizza Gate Exposure Has Changed The Whole Washington Control Scheme

Pizza Gate scandal has been uncovered in the recent past and this has greatly affected many aspects of Washington D.C.

The horrible unfolding revelations and cruel some secrets that are being uncovered are very disgusting and shocking. The citizen journalists who are fervent and ardent in researching the scandal in pursuit of the truth have made commendable progress in the recent past. The crime spree has been going on for decades now and citizen journalist, some of whom are parents have committed to ensure they put to an end the vicious cycle by releasing the truth to the world.

The WSG has successfully managed to conceal the disgusting details concerning pedophilia in the realms of power away from the Mainstream Media as it was the case with Franklin scandal back in the day. Unfortunately, with the internet age; the scandal is only moments before it explodes in the Mainstream Media.

Citizen journalism has been at its best, with the preceding exposes, the U.S. citizens have been exposed to the truth behind the scandals that are unfolding by the hour. The crooked political life in America has been under intense scrutiny from various warriors in the Alt-Media who have expressed their courage and strength in exposing the American political life. This will greatly help the many children who have been victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

There is a dire need at this moment in time for Americans and the World at large to take a step and revolt against the criminally insane psychopaths in the U.S. Federal Government. It’s time that the American people realized that the power was in their hands to break the disgraceful schemes that are controlling the U.S. Federal Government; this can only happen if every American citizen takes the initiative to bring to an end the disgusting trend which has been going on for years in the political realm.

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Anonymous No. 475 2016-11-15 : 08:03

These false pretexts and varnished colours failing, Rare in thy guilt how foul must thou appear." -John Milton

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