By: Savannah Smith | 07-04-2017 | News
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Wikileaks Release Shows Washington Post 'Working for' DNC, "Re : Wapo party"

WikiLeaks Release Shows Washington Post 'Working For' DNC

Journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich’s article in Medium reported that WikiLeaks has exposed an email exchange between Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials about a secret meeting between DNC officers and Washington Post people.

The email exchange dated September, 2015 was between DNC finance director Jordan Kaplan and senior DNC adviser Anu Rangappa and it has the subject line “Re:Wapo party”, and the conversation clearly involved pay-for-play. It was promised that “rich DNC donors would be rewarded access to Washington Post journalists” in the said secret meeting.

The clandestine meeting was never supposed to be disclosed to the public as Ranggapa said in the email that “Washington Post does not want their party to be listed in any package we are selling to donors.” The fund-raising joint event that the parties were planning, was of course, for the then incoming 2016 Presidential election.

No wonder then that the media hates WikiLeaks because such secret meeting would never have seen the light if not for WikiLeaks releases. That’s another proof also of the existing collusion between DNC and a major mainstream media outlet.

Others used to claim that there can’t be any media collusion because media outlets essentially compete with one another, yet that revelation of a secret meeting between the DNC and Washington Post was not picked up and reported by the rest of their “competitors” from mainstream media. The New York Times certainly did not touch it. Only conservative media organizations reported on the WikiLeaks release on that secret high profile donors-DNC-WaPo meeting.

The silence could be explained by the fact that “free press” in America is, in truth, controlled by a few rich oligopolists like Carlos Slim.

The WaPo-DNC joint fundraiser is as unethical and irregular as one can get, it is also indefensible. It breaks all the rules, standards and ethics of good journalism. Yet mainstream media competitors had a silent agreement to “kill” the story, maybe because their silence proves that the mainstream media is an ally of DNC, why they may even work for the DNC.

That is probably why President Trump has been so critical of the WaPo. And that is why they are the most persistent in pushing the Russian interference supposed narrative.


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