By: Savannah Smith | 07-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Climate Change? Patriots Celebrate the 4th Skiing and River Rafting on the Same Day at Squaw Valley

There’s another way to celebrate the Fourth of July for Americans- that is having a “snow party” in their shorts and shirts, instead of the usual winter outfit and heading over to Squaw Valley to spend their weekend holiday. Snowboarders and skiers descended there as slopes remained open with the huge snowfall this year.

The atmosphere was certainly great and welcoming with the warm weather paired with “corn snow” - the snow consistency most beginners favor for its desirable pellet-type.

Squaw Valley spokesperson Alpine Meadows raved: “The snow is very soft and forgiving, so it’s great for beginners and intermediates. You’re coming out in a t-shirt and shorts, and it’s warm- you don’t have to worry about getting cold.

The favorable weather motivated people to come to Squaw Valley in droves. Playing to the hilt the unconventional casual outfit of shorts to the snow, many even came in a variety of whacky outfits. It would appear as if people were beach-bound as many came in their swim trunks and bikinis.

The environment is very festive and fun for those visiting the Squaw Valley especially since snow totals for the slopes remained at just under 100 inches for the weekend celebrations of America’s Independence Day. It’s perfect for folks who want to go skiing in the morning and river rafting in the afternoon.

And no less than the Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth is optimistic as he said in April that not only would people be able to enjoy the slopes for the Fourth of July celebrations, but that he is actually considering staying open through the summer and fall so it becomes the 16-17-18 season since he said “there’s so much snow up there.”

This year has seen the second-most snowfall ever recorded at Squaw Valley, behind only the 2010-11 season that saw 810 inches. In April this year, the Sierra snowpack is 85 percent above average, which registered 705 inches (58 feet, 9 inches) of total snowfall. Wirth described it then it as “incredible winter” and “unprecedented.”

His predictions for summer and the Fourth of July for Squaw Valley are indeed proving true.

After a warm day of skiing, why not cool off by doing a bit of river rafting in the afternoon? Outfitter shuttles are available from the main parking lot. None of them promote being eco-friendly - so crack a beer and celebrate Climate Change!


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