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Video: Savage Father Ties Up & Dunks Son Under Water As Punishment

A shocking video shows footage of a father who tied his disruptive son up and nearly drowning him as punishment.

The video footage has gone viral on Chinese social media. In the disturbing clip, the 13-year-old boy is bound to a ladder by his father face down in and then the father proceeds to dunk the child into a pond.

Several times the father shoved his restrained child under water, and he returned him to air as the child screams crying. "I'll change! I'll change!" he pleads.

You can hear the father say, "Then change.” directly before dunking his son's head back under the water. The child is screaming atop his lungs pleading for the father to stop the entire time.

Chinese media have said the incident occurred in Yueyang, Hunan Province, of China. According to the father he had personally became fed up of his son's disorderly behavior and” wanted to teach him a lesson that he would not forget” so this was his means of doing so.


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Anonymous No. 4697 2017-07-04 : 14:19

What? Your dad never did that to you?

Anonymous No. 4698 2017-07-04 : 15:08

If only 57 years earlier, eh, Donnie?

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