By Red Pill   |  07-04-2017   News

The New York Fire Department (FDNY) is engaging in a manhunt for an EMT who posted a now-viral video the paramedic filmed and posted of them giving alcohol to an intoxicated patient they were transporting to the hospital.

In the video, you can see the EMT not only giving alcohol to the already intoxicated patient but encouraging them to continue to drink.

The EMT states that “Told her she has from now until we get to the hospital to drink that or I will throw it out.” The video appears to be identical to FDNY Ambulances, the Fire Department says.

As the video progresses the female patient is seen drinking another bottle and the EMT says, “Bottle Number Six” as he keeps allowing her to drink.

The FDNY Bureau of Alcohol and Investigation is now looking into the matter.


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