By: Jasalle Jash | 11-14-2016 | News

Twitter Supported Violent Threat "RAPE MELANIA" To Trend World Wide

The ‘Rape Melania’ Sign By Anti-Trump Protesters Is Sparking Trends On Twitter: Many Have Rebuked The Trend

Twitter users have reported seeing the ‘Rape Melania’ all over their twitters trending topics boxes; this trend started unfolding on Sunday. The trend is believed to have resulted from the Saturday-night demonstration.

Present at the demonstration was a protester who was holding a sign bearing the ‘Rape Melania’ phrase; consequently, the images happened to circulate all over the various social media platforms.

The images of the frightening sign were captured at an anti-trump rally which was held outside Trump’s hotel in the nation’s capital; this image has not been taken lightly by supporters of the President-elect Donald Trump, many drawn strong condemnations and criticism. Surprisingly, have come from both the supporters and the opponents of the presidente-lect.

Many people have raised their concerns over the chilling image with various online conversations going on about the controversial image.

The sign has been termed as inappropriate by many people even as the ‘Rape Melania’ makes it to the trending topics for some Twitter users.

The trending topics are essentially under the control of twitter since the social network customizes the topics based the user’s location and whom they follow.

Supporters of the president-elect have questioned Twitters approval on why the social network has customized the trending topic to circulate; as they believe it’s inappropriate.

Some have described the trending topic as a threat to the president elect’s wife saying ,it should be addressed accordingly.

The trend has also been described as a crime by supporters of the president-elect and twitter ought to be liable for allowing the topic to trend.

Twitter has come under massive criticism from many people as they accuse the social network for not flagging the subject.

In response to a Washington Post inquiry, twitter claimed that the topic was trending because many people condemned the topic,

not because people encouraged the indecent topic.

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Anonymous No. 472 2016-11-15 : 04:50

Please continue to report on what is happening in our country objectively.

Anonymous No. 535 2016-11-19 : 07:55

Twitter only reflects what is going on in the minds and hearts of all people. Twitter is not the problem, it's people.

Anonymous No. 536 2016-11-19 : 07:55

If a idiot held a sign that said rape Michelle ,it would be front page news for a week & the sicko would be arrested for inciting violence.This is not free speech

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