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President Trump Offers To Help #CharlieGard

In a striking display of compassion for an innocent child's life, against a terrifying socialized medicine system that now intends to end the precious existence for a child, President Trump alongside the Pope offers to assist with Charlie Gard’s treatment.

It only further displays that charity is essential to the American way of life, and those with a heart will always come to the aid of the innocent and precious whenever they keep faith and remain strong.

Charlie Gard made international headlines as the brain-damaged baby from Britain of whom his parents lost the court battle to keep him on life support.

The battle goes further than compassion and ruthlessness however, it's a striking example of why socialized medicine in effect can determine whether or not a person lives or ceases to exist

President Trump tweeted today, ““If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.”

The internet once again went into a firestorm as liberal’s heads exploded claiming the right wing was using this as an attempt to gain political capital. However in turn they ended up defending the death of an infant child due to the failing socialized Healthcare system that most of Europe suffers from.

Pope Francis also gave an offer to assist and called upon people to come together and save this child, just yesterday during a Sunday luncheon.

Trump's tweet also implicitly highlights perceived pitfalls in the British health care system, a publicly funded system, at a time the U.S. is undergoing yet another debate about medical coverage.

It remains to be seen if the parents will choose to transport Charlie Gard to the United States where coverage will be paid in full by President Trump out of pocket, or if the UK will try and block such an action.


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Anonymous No. 4680 2017-07-04 : 04:23

I'm glad the child might get the treatment, hopefully it might even work. I just hate that Trump's team using this to look good, when in your own country he's just killed the chances of untold numbers of kids. He can always prove me wrong, why don't you see how many kids in America he can help, then see if he does, I mean U.S. children are as important, aren't they. Let's see what happens, who pays and is it just ratings or U.S. kids plus his money(tax writeoff, as well)

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