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Sam, The Transgender Indoctrination Toy For Kids

A Canadian Social Justice Warriors Coalition of cucked cultural marxist perpetrators has launched a new campaign for kickstarter, to finance and fund a ‘Transgender Identity’ toy to teach children to respect and accept transgender mental illnesses.

Sam was created by Gender Creative Kids Canada, which is supposed to be a nonprofit transgender support organization for children, parents, and families in Montreal. The nonprofit calls Sam "the world's first educational transgender toy”.

The cultural marxist led gender identity movement is continuing to increasing in many countries, and this group intends to exploit that movement on order to create a tool that will allow parents or teachers to talk to young children about the mental illness.

The project's Kickstarter page says. "Sam helps children empathize with the emotional challenges of being born a transgender or gender-diverse person."

What Sam actually does is help already demented parents push their sickness onto children. Now look, if you're transgender or identify as a cow or a dog or what the hell ever, that's solely your right. We live in a free society whether or not I agree with it.

That being said when you attempt to peddle your choices onto child, you in turn become a child predator and pose a serious threat to the child itself. There has to be lines drawn on what is and is not acceptable to push on a child.

Not to mention this toy is targeted at a demographic that is preschool age. A child that young shouldn't even be considering their genitals at all let alone their sexual preference or ‘gender identity’.

Most people are not actually "born" like with such issues, unless you're a hermaphrodite and the statistics involving such are incredibly slim. Even then there is medical treatments and procedures readily available to help assist.

On their kickstarter page they state that, “Gender Creative Kids Canada hopes to raise $103,776 USD ($137,500 Canadian) on Kickstarter to fund prototype creation, manufacturing, and shipment of more than 1,500 toys to families, nonprofits, and teachers in Canada. Your pledge of $75 helps fund these efforts, and also gets you your own Sam doll.”

This isn't just disturbing, this is a reason to take your children out of school all together. Public schools have reached levels of cultural marxist indoctrination that would have caused a civil war in the 1950s.

Yes it's 2017 and yes we accept others but we should never allow this to continue where we are brainwashing children into assuming gender roles that their not even old enough to comprehend.

The group also quoted the 2009 study (Moller, Schreier, Li, & Romer, 2009) that says “Anywhere between 2-6% of boys and 5-12% of girls identify or express their gender differently from their sex binary gender assigned at birth ”.

So for a tiny fraction of the alleged population of children that ‘express their gender differently from their sex’ they want all public schools to teach this ‘tolerance’? Listen, you try and teach my nephews or nieces this disgusting rhetoric and I'll personally chop your dick off.

What you're essentially telling children is that it's perfectly normal to cut your genitals off because they feel weird during puberty. That's part of raging hormones and adolescence you demented bastards. Leave the kids alone. You're crossing the lines too far now and we have to push back.


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Anonymous No. 4675 2017-07-04 : 01:25

Dude, you've got some major issues

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