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Pennyslvania Police Chief Loses Arm In Fireworks Accident

In Pennsylvania, Leechburg Police Chief Mike Diebold lost his arm in a horrific fireworks accident.

He's now scheduled to have several surgeries to attempt to salvage what remains of his missing arm, including his elbow joint.

He however says in what would normally be a time of depression and misery he's finding solace in his 8 week old newborn son, and his fiance Danielle Reinke.

Reinke said, “If he could be healed by love alone, he would be healed a million times over.”

For Diebold the strongest inspiration for his motivational drive to stay positive, as doctors discuss with him the possibility of prosthetics, has been his new son.

“He wants to be able to hold his son, tie his shoes, change his diapers. That’s his concern. And I told him, with all the help that everyone’s giving, we want to get you that arm that’s going to let you do all that.” Reinke said.

Diebold was enjoying setting off fireworks last Saturday at the Leechburg Volunteer Fire Department Carnival where several hundred were in attendance. Being a licensed firework technician as the Police Chief, he was lighting the mortars when one exploded, striking him.

“First we heard a loud boom,it sounded like an explosion, and I was watching it from five blocks away at my parents’ house. I just knew, and without anyone saying a word, I got in my car and rushed down.” Reinke said.

During the terrifying incident Diebold lost three-quarters of his blood, and the bleeding out didn't stop until someone took off their belt and tied securely around his arm to prevent death via blood loss.

“I guess they were wrapping blankets and everything, and nothing would stop the bleeding,” Reinke said. “I call them angels. They’re all angels.”

The police chief is grateful for his companions, his wife says. She says the “angels come every day in the form of police officers” visiting her fiance. She says Diebold has a passion for police work and is determined to return as chief of police.


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