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President Trump is Engaging in Memetic Warfare

The President of the United States tweeted a dank meme to troll CNN.

In what's now going to become a historic tweet for being the first of it's kind, Trump supporters are rallying behind the President for his clever and ingenious politically incorrect humor.

That hasn't left some on the left from doing what they do best, which is cry and moan and make a big deal out of a twenty second tweet meant to be entertaining and hilarious. Major publications are actually using headlines saying “The President Just Encouraged Violence Against CNN” which is beyond pathetic.

It was a joke, and an incredibly popular one at that. I believe that the American people (or those with IQs above 80) are easily able to distinguish the satirical essence of the tweet. Meanwhile the cultural marxist left stream media is absolutely devouring themselves over a tweet.

What they fail to realize is this has been part of the plan all along from the President of the United States, as what most call multidimensional chess.

On Saturday the President of the United States tweeted “My use of social media is not Presidential, it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.”

He indeed understands how to relate to today's youth and also inspire his base, which likely makes him the greatest marketing technician that has ever held office.

Simply attend one of his rallies to witness the high energy. He knows what to say and how to say it to inspire the people witnessing him speak to give roaring applause and standing ovations.

What the left fails to recognize however is that this is part of his master ploy to accomplish his agenda.

All week long the President of the United States was able to literally distract the low IQ Leftist Democrats with Twitter wars between himself and the media and in particular Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

By doing this the media focused entirely on a handful of tweets the President literally spend a few minutes tweeting. For them to still be unable to realize what he's doing is simple astonishing to witness.

He casts out the fishing pole with efficient bait attached and just like the largemouth bass the media are, as talking heads, they bite and focus days of discussion over his words.

In doing this he's able to accomplish fulfilling his agenda without any media blitz attacking the executive orders or legislation. It's absolutely brilliant.

Just this past week his travel ban went into effect without a single shot fired and the media was distracted talking about tweets at morning television anchors. Masterfully calculated by the President of course.

Today's tweet where the President tweeted a gif of him in a WWE wrestling ring giving a ‘clothesline’ to a superimposed image of CNN be wrote, “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN” referring to the Fake News Network CNN will be considered as the greatest shitpost in American history.

Genius move and it occurred on a Sunday where there is already little to no news. This happens after his amazingly high energy rally last night and it will be talked about until after the July 4th holiday on Tuesday by friends and family across the country.

The President of the United States literally gains millions of dollars of advertising for free with a twenty second tweet and stays in the headlines for days. It's not just satisfying to see how savvy President Trump is but it's almost as if you're watching Mozart perform while Michaelangelo paints simultaneously.

Those that are unable to see it; well I feel sorry for them. This is an amazing time to be alive and witness greatness.



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Anonymous No. 4633 2017-07-02 : 23:00

Yet again Donald Trump manages to embarrasse the office of President, Well done, all respect for the WhiteHouse is dead. Corruption, oval office blow jobs, mental illnes, etc, all survived, then came chump. Someone call Arlington,U.S. dignity needs burying before it rots in the sun

Anonymous No. 4637 2017-07-03 : 00:26


>Fake News

>Getting triggered over fake sports


Anonymous No. 4642 2017-07-03 : 02:09

no, just feel pity that chump keeps embarrassing US, obviously to much strain for your brain, go back to WoW, realities hard

Anonymous No. 4657 2017-07-03 : 15:15

Reality is only hard when you keep losing liberal cuck

Anonymous No. 4663 2017-07-03 : 19:33

What makes you think i'm liberal?

By the way, you seem to know about being a cuck, have I fucked your wife/girlfriend? If so, tough, i'd say be a man, but obviously a bit late for that

Anonymous No. 4714 2017-07-05 : 03:59

"Don't feed your own self-worth based upon inflicting suffering upon others just because you are in the Oval office."

Kelly No. 4728 2017-07-05 : 07:53

Gotta love Trump…Every day I think wow what a God Send President Trump is.. Finally a man that does not take any Schit!

Anonymous No. 4747 2017-07-05 : 17:03

Kelly 7/5/2017 8:53:24 No. 4728

Gotta loath Trump…Every day I think wow what a Satan Sent President Chump is.. Finally a moron that does love to lick a Shit!

Sorry, your spellcheck wasn't working, so I fixed it for you.

No need to thank me, you're welcome. :)

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