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Sweden Offering Protected Identities For ISIS Jihadis

The Nation of Sweden held a once proud Norse-Viking legacy of determination and pride. That Nation is no more as cultural Marxism indoctrinated the public to the point of accepting diversity even when it means their own genocide is ultimately in the cards.

The nation has not only lost it's footing on over 80 separate areas they call ‘no go zones’ in their own land which is controlled by Muslim gangs that the police cannot even access, but their entire government continues to culturally appropriate the very religion that wishes to execute them.

Now in a time of dire straits, Sweden has given “protected identities” to residents who have returned to the Sweden after fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq to ensure that the locals will not find out they are jihadists.

According to Expressen, Sweden is now forcibly protecting the identities of the Swedish residents who once fought for the Islamic State. Such a measure of protected Identities is normally only given to people who are under possible threat, similar to the witness protection program.

The popular Swedish newspaper gave an example in which a 27-year-old former ISIS fighter, Walad Ali Yousef, had been officially given a protected identity by the Swedish government.

Yousef claimed to have joined ISIS in 2014 and shared multiple photographs of himself posing with AK-47 rifles, and other ISIS related propaganda to encourage others to join the jihad.

Yousef actually went to the government with the complaint that because of the pictures he’s having trouble finding work. He said, “I am looking for many jobs but cannot get one because my pictures are out there.”

Breitbart also brought up a separate returning ISIS fighter who was granted the same protection by the government, 39-year-old Bherlin Dequilla Gildo. Gildo is now hidden living under a secret identity.

The public became aware of Gildo after he shared pictures in 2012 showing himself and others in the Islamic State posing with dead bodies in Syria. In those photos, he referred to the corpses as “Assad’s dogs”. According to intelligence, he participated directly in the mass killing of Syrian soldiers.

Estimates from the most accurate of statistics suggest that there are at least 100 Swedish ISIS fighters still in the Middle East fighting currently. This is creating fears that those who survive will try to return home to Sweden at some point in the future and take advantage of the precedent which has been set.

Magnus Ranstorp, a Swedish Terrorism Expert say that “Really dangerous ones have not come back yet. The vast majority may not do anything, but they are still a danger to the authorities and it must be managed. It is important for the police to be able to prioritize this area so that they do not become dangerous for society.”

In essence, the Government of Sweden, whether intentionally or not, has become a state sponsor of terror by protecting the Identities of the Islamic State fighters.


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