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Clinton Foundation Encouraging Child Heroin Use

Heroin is an epidemic across America with more people dying via drug overdoses than killed in gun violence.

So much is it a catastrophe that many cities and emergency responders are either running out of financial assistance to counter the growing costs of increased first responders presence to answer 911 calls to overdoses or jails simply cannot house the criminals selling the drugs or the addicts using it which commit crimes to provide for their habits.

Law enforcement was limited for eight years under Obama afraid to arrest or investigate the predominantly African-American heroin dealers due to the fear of being accused of racially profiling them. Meanwhile thousands upon thousands of people continued to die across the country.

Rehabilitation centers assisted very few addicts voluntarily with the majority of them being forced to attend the facilities by a court order after committing a crime. States and counties are to this day going bankrupt over sending people to treatment on the taxpayer dime when more people are receiving assistance in many parts of the country than are even paying into the system.

The President of the United States is now working alongside State Governors and their respective local communities to assist in the fight to cleanse the streets of the dangerous opioids that are killing citizens.

President Trump wants to use Federal Agents to crack down on the cartels and gang crimes that are providing the drugs to the addicts and often times children.

Not to mention President Trump also intends to deport criminal illegal immigrants who oftentimes are responsible for the flow of the illegal narcotics across America's borders as well as build the wall to prevent or slow down the immigration process of illegal criminals who may be transporting the drugs.

The Democrats did nothing for eight years. They were complicit in allowing the epidemic to continue by their inaction.

Today the Clinton Foundation actually had the audacity to send out a tweet saying they're going to provide high schools with Nalaxone.

For those who are unaware Nalaxone blocks or reverses the effects of opioid medication or Heroin with the symptoms including extreme drowsiness, slowed breathing, or loss of consciousness that all can lead to death in the event of an overdose.

Naloxone is used by emergency responders to treat a narcotic overdose when they're presented with that situation. It's the very drug that is causing cities to go broke trying to provide to combat the ever serious and growing heroin overdose problem.

By giving Nalaxone to high schools you're effectively telling the students, who are children, that it's okay to continue using heroin because the school will give you Nalaxone if you overdose.

The response should be to remove the problem and the people selling the heroin, to begin with. Take Duterte’s approach and execute them all.

I have no sympathy for a heroin peddler who harms children. If you remove the heroin you eliminate the problem, it's not rocket science folks.

What kind of sick and twisted group encourages children to use heroin? Oh, that's right, the Clinton Foundation.


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Anonymous No. 4606 2017-07-02 : 02:38

The Clinton Crime Family needs locked away and their ancestors castrated to prevent more breeding

Anonymous No. 4611 2017-07-02 : 03:59

Wow, you love to twist, truth to fiction, fiction to truth, if you're like this in life, I truly feel sorry for any kids you may have, assuming they're not already warped.

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