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Obama Wiretapped 3 Million US Citizens with 1 Order

According to the newly published “Wiretap Report 2016” the United States under the Obama Administration used a single wiretap order to intercept, record, and analyze over 3 million citizens’ phone calls, text messages, and emails.

The the United States Courts revealing document shows that the intercepts were obtained over the course of just two months by a redacted government agency.

The undisclosed agency applied for the wiretap order in late 2015, and was then granted access by the Obama Administration without contacting Congress for Approval outside of also redacted committee members who had knowledge.

"The federal wiretap with the most intercepts occurred during a narcotics investigation in the Middle District of Pennsylvania and resulted in the interception of 3,292,385 cell phone conversations or messages," the Wiretap Report 2016 reads.

The report goes on to state that, ”Section 2519(3) requires the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) to report the number of federal and state applications for orders authorizing or approving the interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications pursuant to this chapter and the number of orders and extensions granted or denied pursuant to this chapter during the preceding calendar year, along with a summary and analysis of data required by section 2519 to be filed with the AO.”

President Obama and unnamed members of Congress are able to have knowledge of these wiretaps without telling all elected representatives before they occur, only to later release a report to United States citizens a year after the fact.

There's no oversight or assurances that innocent Americans aren't being monitored and there's no evidence provided to verify that criminals were solely targeted.

As per percentages of states which applied for wiretaps California seems to lead the pack with 35% of all Nationwide wiretaps occurring within that state.

The following states proceed down the list with 19% coming from New York, 8% coming FROM Colorado, 8% in Nevada, 7% in Florida, and 6% of all wiretapping agreements in New Jersey.

The remaining 18% is made up of every other state in the Union.

Seventy-seven federal jurisdictions submitted reports of wiretap applications for 2016. For the third year in a row, the District of Arizona authorized the most federal wiretaps, approximately 9 percent of the applications were approved by federal judges.

Drug offenses were the most prevalent type of criminal offenses investigated using reported wiretaps, which seems to counter Obama’s rhetoric that drug offenses should be limited when in fact under his Presidency there were more arrests and surveillance for drug related crimes than at any other time in American history.

Applications citing narcotics plus those citing other offenses, which include other offenses related to drugs, accounted for 82 percent of all reported wiretap applications in 2016, compared to 84 percent in 2015.

Conspiracy, the second-most frequently cited crime, was specified in 8 percent of applications.

Homicide, the third-largest category, was specified as the most serious offense in approximately 5 percent of applications.

In regards to the longevity of each individual wiretap the Federal Government says the average is 44 days of surveillance per wiretap.

The average cost of an intercept in 2016 was $74,949, up 78 percent from the average cost in 2015.

The most expensive state wiretap was in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, New York, where costs for a 434-day narcotics wiretap that resulted in 15 arrests and no convictions totaled $2,989,930.

For federal wiretaps for which expenses were reported in 2016, the average cost was $83,356, a 70 percent increase from 2015.

The most expensive federal wiretap completed during 2016 occurred in the Southern District of California, where costs for a narcotics investigation totaled $5,266,558.

As of December 31, 2016, a total of 12,412 persons had been arrested (up 179 percent from 2015), and 1,248 persons had been convicted (up 112 percent from 2015).

Federal wiretaps were responsible for 15 percent of the arrests and 7 percent of the convictions arising from wiretaps for this period.

These new reports certainly make it clear that President Obama was not only the largest surveillance President in history spending hundreds of millions of dollars spying on Americans but he also exchanged lies to the public suggesting drug offenses would not be the focus of his Administration.

Not that anyone is surprised by his misleading statements, his entire Presidency is full of such blatant disrespect towards the American people and the constitution.


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Anonymous No. 4614 2017-07-02 : 04:22

False as fuck, read properly, there were nearly 4 'thousand' not million wiretaps. What you read were how many 'calls' were logged on those taps, which wasd just under 4 million. Some taps were over 100 days long on suspected crime organisations, etc.

You say his presidency was misleading, hah, what the hell does that make you?

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