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Man Jailed For Slapping Muslim With Bacon

A man was sentenced to six months behind bars for slapping a Muslim with bacon recently.

The thirty six year old Alex Chivers can be seen covering his arm with the bacon before he runs up to the Muslim and striking the pork delicacy against them.

The Muslim teen was walking along a road in Enfield, north London, with her mother as the video shows Chivers running up and striking her gently across the face with the pork product.

The Islamic faith considers pork products as “Haram” which forced the prosecution to suggest this was a hate crime.

In the video Chivers can be heard calling the women “ISIL scum” in reference to the Islamic State terrorist group. He also told them they “deserve” it.

The Metropolitan Police reported that even though the teenager was not injured, she was upset by the incident.

“The victim was out with her mother and getting on with her day when Chivers abused her and then set upon her with something he knew would both upset and offend her.” The Metropolitan Police said. “We know other people were present during this attack, including an associate of Chivers’ who filmed the incident.”

Chivers lived less than 2 miles away from the site of the bacon strike in Waltham Cross. He plead guilty to one count of racially or religiously aggravated common assault, and one count of causing racially or religiously aggravated alarm or distress.

The judge in the case gave him a 26-week prison sentence at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court for the assault and a 12-week sentence for a public offense order, to run concurrently.


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