By: Savannah Smith | 07-01-2017 | News
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Japanese Men Turning to Silicone Sex Dolls for ‘Love’ and Romance

Japanese men who are either lonely or unhappy with their romantic and sex lives are turning to silicone sex dolls for some much-needed comfort, companionship, and to some, even “love.”

45-year old physiotherapist Masayuki Ozaki admitted in an AFP interview that he has found refuge and relief from a rocky and sexless marriage in his life-size dummy which he named Mayu. Ozaki even gushes when talking about his toy doll. He said: “The moment I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight.”

He still lives with his wife in the same house, but it’s Mayu who “sleeps” by his side at nights. He also puts the doll in a wheelchair, dresses her in wigs, sexy clothes and jewelry.There are disagreements with his family about Mayu, especially with his daughter, but they are learning to live with the reality that for now, Mayu is the apple of Ozaki’s eyes.

Ozaki is just one of many Japanese men turning to “rubber romance”, in a nation that’s alarmingly losing touch with human relationships. Ozaki even feels that Mayu is the best “alternative” to Japanese women because the latter are “cold-hearted” and “selfish”, and that he needed someone like Mayu who would be there for him when he comes home and quietly “listen” to him and not “grumble.” After discovering the ‘beauty’ and ‘joy’ a sex toy doll can bring, Ozaki in full candor said, he “can’t imagine going back to a human being anymore.” He sees spending the rest of his life with Mayu, wants to be buried with her, and “take her to heaven” with him.

The dolls do not come cheap as they are priced around $6,000. About 2,000 of life-like dolls are sold in Japan each year and they come with adjustable fingers, removable head, and genitals.

The dolls look incredibly real and men feel like they’re touching human skin with the toys. Hideo Tsuchiya, managing director of doll maker Orient industry, said men are buying the dolls because they feel that they can communicate with the silicone dolls.

The dolls also happen to be popular with disabled customers and widowers, as well as mannequin fetishists, some men use dolls to avoid heartache. The doll alternative is sadly also the result of frustrations and cynicism with human relationships, with some men thinking that human beings are so demanding, and only want something from them like money or commitment. Dolls, in turn, are not capable of betrayals in some men’s beliefs, that some men even profess loyalty to their beloved dolls, and will not “cheat on them even with a prostitute.”

Not only are sex dolls poised to stay in Japan, but they are also projected to improve even more. Future doll users can expect “more bang for their buck” as researchers work to develop next-generation sexbots able to talk, laugh and even simulate an orgasm.


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Anonymous No. 4584 2017-07-01 : 07:55

What a time to be alive.

Anonymous No. 4589 2017-07-01 : 14:12

Imagine being such a shitty wife that your husband would end up cheating on you with a mute, static doll.

Anonymous No. 4594 2017-07-01 : 23:11


thomas goldwater No. 4971 2017-07-10 : 14:59

Ladies of the world…is this what you want to be replaced by??…I see that is up to the ladies to stop this…hold back the sex and this is what happens..get away from the dam cell phone and talk face to face…you'd be surprised on how easy it is to get what you want sexually… from a REAL person…the guys are getting the female robots…where does that put YOU in the pecking order of things, HUH?

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