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Chinese President Warns Of ‘Red Line’ In Hong Kong

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong during its swearing in ceremony of Hong Kong’s first female Chief Executive Carrie Lam only to warn of a ‘Red Line’.

Jinping said that any attempts by any organization or force to sabotage the government in Beijing would cross a ‘red line’ and won’t be tolerated, during a speech marking the 20th anniversary since the city’s embrace to Chinese rule.

Hong Kong was a colony of Britain just twenty years ago, and Jinping will never allow its independence from the rule of China. He said that Hong Kong must improve its governing systems in order to deal with the newfound confrontations and politicization in the city.

The new Chief Executive Carrie Lam is viewed as a puppet in Hong Kong as Beijing’s handpicked selection for the job.

Mr. Xi Jinping is now on his first ever visit Hong Kong as China’s President, as the mainland of China continues to exert its ever growing influence on the former British colony.

Hong Kong is supposed to recognize limited autonomy under a “one country, two systems” arrangement introduced in the 1997 handover from Britain but that seemingly isn't the case as Chinese policy dominates the governance.

There have however been widespread reports of resistance protests, although those familiar with the local community suggest it has been nowhere near the scale of the 2014 Occupy riots against Beijing’s refusal to accept democratic elections for the city’s top job.

Key analysts say that they expect Ms. Lam to try and introduce an anti-sedition law as well as a much heavier pro-China school curriculum in which opponents call a “Communist Party brainwashing” mandate. Both measures failed in the past after sparking protests.


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Anonymous No. 4579 2017-07-01 : 04:43

Go on Trump, tell China what to do in Hong Kong, after all you did say you'd sort China out, oh wait Ivankas got some trademarks waiting to be sorted, oh well, bye bye Hong Kong guess what you're going for

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