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High Risk Of Nuclear Tunnel Collapse In Washington

The United States Department of Energy says there is an increasingly high risk that a second tunnel filled with nuclear radioactive waste may collapse near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state.

This will be the second time such an incident has occurred. Back in May, there was a collapse that caused over 3000 employees to seek emergency shelter to prevent contamination.

These are all signs of America’s collapsing infrastructure across the nation. The risk to wildlife is great from radioactive waste as well as to civilization in general.

On Friday the Energy Department said stated it had completed an evaluation of a second tunnel near what is now a former nuclear weapons production site and concluded that there is a high potential for collapse. The 53-year-old tunnel is now being planned with construction and safety efforts to prevent a collapse with a deadline of August 1st.

Hanford is a city in south-central Washington state which for decades made plutonium for nuclear weapons. The site is now engaged in cleaning up a massive inventory of nuclear waste.



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Andrew Dodson No. 4625 2017-07-02 : 14:10

The danger is not that great. The fossil fuel industry has spread malicious propaganda about the risks of radiocontamination.

Anonymous No. 4672 2017-07-04 : 01:16

Also, the Hanford site is seventy fucking years old, infrastructure that old is bound to be weak by now.

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