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On the border of the two nations of India and China there is a building troop face-off near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction.

The confrontation appears to be the most serious in the region in decades as each of the sides continue to direct more reinforcements to the remote border region.

Army chief General Bipin Rawat stated that he has reviewed the ground situation by visiting the headquarters of the 17 Mountain Division in Gangtok and 27 Mountain Division in Kalimpong.

Military sources said the two enemies have began to strengthen their positions at the tri-junction by deploying close to 3,000 troops each in a face off where each side can feel their enemy breathing as they become so close to confrontation.

The Indian Army however has refused to go public with anything. Insiders have said that other troop standoffs at the tri-junction over the years pale in comparison to the latest one at the Doka La general area.

General Rawat seemingly has concentrated his deployments of the 17 Division into the region which is responsible for the defense of eastern Sikkim with four total brigades. Each of those brigades have over 3,000 soldiers under their command.

A Defense source who asked not to be named said that India has ordered a major meeting between top officials saying, "All top officers, including the 33 Corps and 17 Division commanders, were present during the extensive discussions. The chief will return to New Delhi on Friday morning."

Currently the ongoing face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops based upon construction of a road on the borders of a 269-square kilometre plateau in Bhutan raises several questions for both India and China; to which there may not be any convincing answers in the near future.

The question for China remains, why is it in such a hurry to construct roads through what is disputed territory? Especially, since the territory's status has to be decided after peaceful boundary negotiations with Bhutan. What does China stand to gain from war with India?

The question for India being, why are Indian troops literally doing battle for Bhutan in "Bhutanese territory" to force back Chinese troops? India and Bhutan do not have any defensive or security treaty between the governments. What does India stand to gain from war with China?


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