By: Major Burdock | 06-30-2017 | News
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An Open Letter to Dean Heller (R) - Nevada Senator "Resisting"

Folks in Nevada are a tad upset that their Republican Senator is playing a dangerous game of guts with the healthcare bill. The following letter from a clearly upset anon NV voter has been circulating the Internet and has likely caused some brows to furl…

"Dear Senator Heller,

What could possibly be more insulting that to receive a letter from you begging for money at the very moment you are pandering to the Democrats as they encourage you to vote against the healthcare bill? Yes, the Democrats have targeted you for extinction, as they did Joe Heck, but you’re handing them your head on a silver platter while you turn your back on the Nevadans who voted you into office. RINO doesn’t even begin to describe your two-faced behavior.

How can you possibly expect to be trusted and re-elected after you’ve thrown your Republican base under the bus? Do you honestly think that you can appeal to a wide enough electorate, including Democrats and Independents, in order to receive a second term? The Democrats are guaranteed to go after you with everything they have no matter how much you cave in to them.

Your only honorable salvation is to vote for the bill as it’s presented, saying that you’ve carefully considered it and believe it’s the best option at that time. You might even look like a hero for standing with your party and the people who elected you. Anything less will ensure the end of your political career in Nevada."

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