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President Donald Trump has received several criticisms for his Mika tweet, and before that for his “nice smile” compliment to an Irish journalist. Some of the criticisms were objective and fair, others are just trivial and more interested in nitpicking. Then there are those that are plain overboard, if not just vile, hateful and mean. Take MSNBC pundit Christ Matthews for one. He compared Trump not only to communist Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam and a modern-day Romanov but outrageously also channel Mussolino in saying Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner should be murdered.

Matthews also compared the husband and wife tandem of Ivanka Trump and Jared to the murderous sons of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay.

Matthews Mengitsu comparison started with a supposed disarray in the Trump administration that allegedly stonewalled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from doing his job. Matthews celebrated the purported chaos and said it was a “meltdown”. He then said: “It’s a far cry from the love feast we watched a few weeks ago, which is right out of Mengistu’s government in Ethiopia with all the people bowing to the president. Apparently, all is not well in paradise.”

And again the outrageous comparison of Ivanka and Jared with the Husseins as he said: “You put Uday and Qusay in your government and you’re going to have a problem with everybody else in the government because nobody can fight with them. Nobody can challenge them and, in the end, the son-in-law is always right because he can always go to his father-in-law or his wife and say they were mean to me.”

Matthews claimed that instead of Tillerson overseeing foreign policy as he is mandated to do, he alleged that the power lies on Jared Kushner and compared the Trumps with the Romanovs. He asked: “Is it a royal family instead of a Democratic or Republican form of government? Or is it a family running the government? Is it Ivanka and Jared and the President sitting around in the White House upstairs ruling the world?”

And then Matthews made that vile suggestion urging Trump to pull off a Mussolini act and murder his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He laughingly argued, as if the issue is a joking matter and not as grave as murder: “So the son-in-law- you know, one good thing Mussolini did was execute his son-in-law. I mean, I’m talking about, Ciano”, before giving an evil laugh. He added: “That was an extreme measure. But this was- this is a strange situation.”

So liberals and their supporters have the license to joke about murdering a government official now, or anyone who contradict their political narrative and agenda? And that’s not hate, but political correctness?


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Anonymous No. 4554 1498867825

apparentely scump can say absolutly anything and you'll let him, so i guess it's only a fair exchange, tell me how many plastic surgeries are there in the trump tree

Anonymous No. 4555 1498867832

apparentely scump can say absolutly anything and you'll let him, so i guess it's only a fair exchange, tell me how many plastic surgeries are there in the trump tree

Anonymous No. 4557 1498868186

o.k, weird, first doesn't show, then doubles up, sites caught trumpitis, delayed synaptic response syndrome

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