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President Trump To Give Historic Warsaw Speech Telling EU To Follow Poland

National Security Adviser H.R McMaster told reporters that President Trump will give a speech from Warsaw historic Krasinski Square where he intends to deliver a message directly to the citizens of other European nations to “take inspiration” from Poland.

Poland alongside Hungary and the Czech Republic are the strongest three resistance nations in Europe which oppose the overreach of the European Union against its citizens and Al's which has rejected refugee resettlements into their nations.

There's something close to a civil war brewing in Europe as open borders policies and reduced rights for the sovereign Europeans continues to dwindle under Merkel and the European Union barbaric allowance of continued Islamic Invasion whilst simultaneously stripping the native peoples of their liberty and freedoms.

Many parts of Europe if one even speaks out against the Radical Islamic Terror, which continues to haunt all of Europe with near weekly death and destruction, they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

People are beginning to become enraged and the three Nationalist resistance countries of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have long since stood against the dictatorial statutes of the EU.

The EU is on the brink of collapse from the West as Brexit continues to push forward and the East as the fire rises in those countries.

President Trump, being the “Chessmaster” he's known to dominate the role of, clearly, recognizes this surge of Nationalism and intends to reacquaint America’s bonds with these brave and patriotic nations.

Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, which symbolizes Polish heroism, has long since been admired across the globe for its locational history of brave men fighting for their homelands.

President Trump will be flying to Poland next Wednesday and he intends to deliver a speech there before he attends the G20 summit in Hamburg.

McMaster said specifically that President Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he intends to “praise Polish courage” and recognize its “emergence as a European power.”

Poland is ruled by a Nationalist Christian party that continues to reject refugee resettlement and mass immigration, which coincides directly with President Trump's own platform.

McMaster said, “America understands that its interests align with the interests of the Polish people.”

The EU, recently threatening sanctions against Poland as well as Hungary and the Czech Republic is angry with Poland leadership role in disobeying their Globalist agenda.

So much so that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been snubbing her nose at President Trump's demands that EU Nations pay up for NATO and alongside French President Macron have discussed forming an “EU Army” of their own.

The three nations subverting the EU, however, have stated they will not send their citizens to support the EU’s attempts to increase Islamic immigration which they call the forced “Genocide of Europe”.

President Trump certainly sees an opportunity here, and he intends to capitalize on it. The French Rothschild banker President and the German Chancellor both are playing with fire, and if they continue they will be burned.


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President Trump To Give Histeorical Warmonger Speech Telling you To Follow Pied Piper

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