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Czech Republic To Arm Citizens Against EU Policy & Islam

In an amazing display of Nationalism and Patriotic defense, the lower house of the Czech Parliament voted to and gun owners’ rights into the Constitution, arguing it protects citizens from Islamist terrorists.

Back in December, the ultra-strict European Commission of the EU passed harsh gun laws in response to a growing terror threat. Yes, the EU response to Islamic invasion was to disarm its own citizens.

However the Czech Republic was one of three countries who viciously opposed the changes, and it is now about to make it legal for citizens to use firearms to protect the security of the country.

A draft at the top of the new Czech bill reads, “This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attack, active attackers, or other violent hybrid threats.”

Some critics say that the changes will never take effect as European Union directives overrule the proposed legislation.

“Putting it in the constitution is, therefore, nonsense,” Jan Farský, the deputy mayor of Chovanec, told Hospodarske Noviny.

With great support, the bill passed the Lower House by a large majority. It is now slated to go through the Upper House before President Milos Zeman can sign it into law.

After a series of terror attacks across Europe, Zeman strongly supports the right to bear arms for his people and many suggest the Hungarian-Czech-Poland revolution will become the resistance to the European Union and eventually fight to break away.

The European Union is furious with the Czech Republic even taking legal action against the rising fire of Nationalism which is brewing from within the proud nation. This can only end well for the sovereign nation as their once proud and strong heritage fights for independence from the cultural Marxism which is destroying Europe.


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Walter Williams No. 4533 2017-06-30 : 10:56

Disregard Hitler's child, the European Union. Destroy them and their Islamist Thugs.

Anonymous No. 4534 2017-06-30 : 11:49

The fire rises

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