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#WINNING! House Passes Sanctuary City Crackdown / Kate's Law As Trump Travel Ban Begins

The House of Representatives passed a newly established form of ‘Kate's Law’ as well as the ‘No Sanctuary for Criminals Act’ on Thursday which is considered as a major victory for President Donald J. Trump’s Administration.

As if those victories one weren't enough to boost morale among supporters, the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban is now in full effect as of 8 PM Eastern Standard Time nationwide.

The two hard-line immigration bills intend to penalize illegal immigrants who commit crimes and local jurisdictions and states that refuse to work with federal immigration enforcement agencies.

The bill was passed on largely party-line votes amid heavy promotion from Republicans, starting with the President Trump Administration’s hardcore lobbying for success on these keynotes of his campaign platform.

Promises made, promises kept; as once again President Trump has stood true to his word in spite of all the negativity the media has tried to spin at him thus far.

Once the two bills passed the House of Representatives; in a victory lap, President Trump tweeted, “MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!” to widespread support amongst his fan base.

Kate’s Law was named after the sweet and innocent 32-year-old woman who was brutally shot and killed in 2015 by a criminal illegal immigrants Mexican who never should have been in America in the first place.

The criminal illegal murdered had been deported five times (that's not a type folks FIVE TIMES) prior to the savage murder of an American citizen. How any Liberal can defend these monsters is beyond my understanding and a huge part of why they keep losing and the right keeps winning.

The bill intends to step up prison sentences for criminals who try and return to the United States illegally after they have already been convicted in the past of crimes and deported. Law enforcement and the families of victims of these savage invaders are all praising the bill everywhere in America.

The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act will remove all “sanctuary cities” that choose to disobey Federal Law and do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies from receiving many federal grants and leaves them vulnerable to liability lawsuits from victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

States like California and several Democratic strongholds actually brag about having Sanctuary Cities and defying Federal Law. These people who live in those precincts and their leadership are potentially the greatest threat to America from within this country right now.

These cultural Marxists not only encourage the violation of Federal Law but somehow believe they are above it. Soon they'll lose any assistance from America if they continue to be a rogue state.

Both bills now will head to the Senate where they're expected to pass with possibly a few modifications along the way.

President Trump said during the campaign that, “You're gonna win so much you'll be sick and tired of winning!” Well, I'm not sick of winning yet, and Trump is going to America Make Great Again!


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Anonymous No. 4516 2017-06-30 : 02:48

Hey RP, your boyfriend might be meeting his master next week, how many secrets do you think he can give his handler in a locked room, with no one else present… and no 'tapes'.

Can anyone guess which two people the renamed KGB love right now. P & T, Sittin' in a tree,, you and me

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