By: Katherine Davis | 06-29-2017 | News
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Celebrated Poster Child Refugee Attacks Employer with Knife

A Syrian refugee who had previously been publically praised as an example of successful integration has reportedly attacked his employer with a knife and critically wounded her neck. The 39-year old man, Mohammed H., had been employed as a hairdresser at the woman’s hair parlor and had been praised and used by the local employment office as a perfect example of an integrated refugee who works his job and is an overall good citizen. At the time, Mohammed introduced himself as a son of a family of barbers and as a family father who was still arranging for his wife and children to reunite with him in Germany. His employer had stated “Why not give him a chance? It’s hard to find skilled employees these days.” as part of the promotion.

Today she’s in the hospital, recovering from a severe wound on her throat. For reasons still unknown, the Syrian had attacked and wounded the woman with a knife in her shop. Another employee had to intervene and save the woman from worse. While currently not life-threatening, the woman needed immediate medical assistance at the time of the attack.

Mohammed is now in custody and under examination – an arrest warrant has been served.

The employment office that had praised him as a great example of integration months ago, had not only praised him for that – they had specifically praised him as one of the few Syrians, one of around 5%, to successfully enter the work force. This end result puts the Syrian refugee situation in Germany truly into perspective.


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Anonymous No. 4492 2017-06-29 : 20:41

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Anonymous No. 4498 2017-06-29 : 21:27

Why dont you shut the fuck up. We dont want these fucking Muslims here. They're going to be trouble. How hard is that to understand.

Anonymous No. 4519 2017-06-30 : 04:12

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