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Criminal Mexican Cartels Spying on American Law Enforcement to Kill Their Sources

An explosive revelation was released this week saying that Mexican cartels crossing the U.S. border are engaged in surveillance operations to spy on American police officers and federal agents. The target of the sinister operation is to identify the American agents’ confidential informants so that the Mexican criminal group can kill them.

Breitbart came out with the report that says the secret operation is happening in southern Arizona, one of nine border sectors of the U.S. and Mexico. The information is based also on the revelations of a retired narcotics officer named Robert Arce who was working with Breitbart Texas. The report cites classified information issued by the FBI as the source. The warning, called a situational report or bulletin, came out on June 23, 2017, a Friday.

The operation is based in Douglas, Arizona, or surrounding areas by special forces group of the Sinaloa Federation in Agua Prieta, Mexico. The cartel’s group known as a specialized surveillance team is called “Group Delta.” Agua Pieta is located on the border with Douglas, Arizona and just two hours southeast of Tucson, Arizona.

The FBI report did not mention the specific Mexico-based criminal group, but it is widely known that Agua Pieta is controlled by a group known as Los Salazar. Los Salazar operates under Sinaloa Federation, making them effectively a part of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The desert area in southern Arizona is considered very volatile because of rival drug smuggling operations battling over the crucial smuggling routes. The smuggling activities engage heavily armed criminals, to protect those smuggling drugs and those that defend drug lords from rip gangs known as “Bajadores.” Said rip gangs explore the desert mountains in the look-out for drug loads to rip. The criminal smuggling organizations deploy anti-rip teams and top counter-surveillance lookouts. The look-outs are also known as cartel scouts.

Southern Arizona near the border has those cartel scouts in the region, something that is widely known and reported on even by the mainstream media. The scouts are armed with long rifles and surveillance equipment including binoculars and communication radios.

Big League Politics also reported that they were able to confirm with their trusted source that the FBI document obtained by Breitbart and the allegations of the sinister plot agents American law enforcement agents and their sources are true.


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