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SHOCKING! Heroin Overdose Streamed On Facebook Live

A shocking video streamed on Facebook Live shows the devastation of the Heroin Epidemic in America.

Bystanders approach a vehicle where a man and woman are unconscious with needles in their lap from an apparent heroin overdose with the windows up and the doors locked.

A woman in the video can be heard saying, “Yo they dead man. Somebody call 911.” obviously shocked at what they're seeing. “Ay wake up, y'all got to go.” the man filming shouts as the woman driving begins to regain control consciousness.

At one point in the video the bystanders filming the overdose knock on the windows to wake up the people who are inside. Eventually the driver, with a syringe on her lap, wakes up.

One of the men in the video can be heard saying “He dead. That nigga dead. Look.” Referring to the passenger who is slumped over and going pale in his seat as he is barely grasping for life.

The man filming says “What are y'all doing? Is he alright?” asking the woman who opens the car door. “I don't know what's going on,” she replies while frantically trying to wake up the male passenger.

“You still got the needle in your lap. Take that out of your lap,” a person can be heard yelling at the woman.

The disoriented woman replies “what” as if she cannot remember what just happened before grabbing the needle and yelling her boyfriend's name, Dan.

The person who was filming the video asks if he needs an ambulance and she replies she doesn't know while frantically trying to wake him up.

“Honey, Dan,” she yells while shaking him. The woman clearly freaking out at what appears to be her dead lover beside her from the Heroin overdose realizes she has Narcan in the trunk of her car.

She rushed out of the car to grab the Narcan and then returns to her boyfriend to administer the life saving medication. He's still unresponsive as she begins to perform CPR.

Around this time a police officer arrives to the scene, and the man simultaneously regains consciousness and begins to vomit.

It is unknown if the couple faced charges or not.


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