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Zuckerberg Would Use Tax Money To Defend Illegal Aliens

The Open Borders Group financed and directed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now giving praise to California legislators for breaking Federal Law and using taxpayers dollars to fund illegal immigrants.

The illegal immigrants broke Federal Law the moment they crossed the border, and now California insists on giving them cash to ‘evade prosecution’ which is another law that an actual State of the Union is assisting the criminals to violate.

Such actions in generations past would have warranted for civil war or a military invasion of California and their leadership executed for treason. What is occurring within California is a State directly acting against the Constitution of the United States with the objective of violating Federal Law and assisting foreign enemy combatants.

By definition, illegal aliens who violate Federal Law are exactly that, foreign enemy combatants.

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed the new documentation for a State budget that gives $45 million in hard working taxpayer funds to be reallocated to use for immigration lawyers.

Zuckerberg’s Open Borders Group,, announced that it was “heartened” by the PLAN. FWD released a statement saying, “ commends Governor Jerry Brown, the State Legislature and organizations like the California Immigrant Policy Center and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance who have worked tirelessly to uphold our shared American values and protect the rights of all Californians with this funding in the State Budget which will provide access to legal aid for immigrants who are detained or tried in court.”

So now Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is officially conspiring against the interests of the United States of America and it's own Constitution by directly supporting illegal activities by rogue states such as California.

Zuckerberg’s continued support for breaking the law should have him viewed in the same capacity as George Soros, who chooses to finance and operate against a Nation’s laws versus making any attempts to complete the steps through the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches to craft and design new laws or modify the old ones.

This is a tale as old as time in America, if you disagree with a law you organize for change and elect politicians who support your ideological stances.

In today's America however, billionaires such as Soros and Zuckerberg choose to completely subjugate current laws and instead finance and promote illegally breaking the laws on the books.

Mark Zuckerberg appears to be gearing up for a possible Presidential run in either 2020 or 2024, based upon his recent actions and cross country touring to raise awareness and hold steam as he accumulates political capital.

Zuckerberg is manipulative and excellent at calculating a road map to success, as his past history tells us. Some close to Zuckerberg has suggested he's also incredibly paranoid and even his own clearly premeditated photo opportunities have leaked some of this paranoia in the past.

Mark Zuckerberg, a former Bilderberg attendee, knows better than anyone that a person’s computer is not even remotely safe from surveillance out of the box, and that the camera and com mics can, in fact, be easily hijacked by hackers.

Proof of this came during a photo-op with his laptop in the background, clearly showing he covers both his camera and his audio jack with tape to prevent anyone from monitoring his activities or his real expressions when he's not fake smiling for a camera.

In fact, he has a history of silencing any leaks within Facebook. News of Facebook’s previously secret messaging assistant, M, was leaked to the press. The Facebook CEO made a promise to his employees, “We’re going to find the leaker, and we’re going to fire them.” At another meeting a week later Zuckerberg announced, “The culprit, he said, had been caught and fired. Many of those in attendance applauded.”

An articulated mastermind as to his image, Zuckerberg has also in 2015 admitted that Facebook uses algorithms to control what news is ‘trending’ on the social media giant which is used by 2 Billion users globally.

What does that mean? It means Facebook is actually a media outlet, and whatever narrative they decide to force into the minds of the masses will be the most consumed agenda on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg literally controls what 2 Billion users think about a variety of topics.

Zuckerberg has been touring the globe on what certainly appears to be a campaign stump, with carefully written memorizations of specific words to say to specific audiences in order to garnish support.

He keeps ensuring the perfect photos are taken at all the right times to make him appear happy and compassionate. However, most of us see through it.

Mark Zuckerberg is globalist scum, and he's in essence exactly the type of person who cannot be trusted at the helm of this country, as he's proven to silence any and all opposition as leading Facebook.

Recently Zuckerberg stated that “Enforcing Immigration Laws hurts public safety.” The statement in itself is so laughable that it's pathetic. Mark Zuckerberg actually believes that by following the laws of the land and defending the Constitution it is harmful.

Ironically earlier this year Zuckerberg said, “Like many of you, I’m concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump,” Zuckerberg wrote. “We need to keep this country safe, but we should do that by focusing on people who actually pose a threat. Expanding the focus of law enforcement beyond people who are real threats would make all Americans less safe by diverting resources, while millions of undocumented folks who don’t pose a threat will live in fear of deportation.”

The key takeaway of his misleading statement should be where he suggests “Expanding the focus of law enforcement beyond people who are real threats would make all Americans less safe by diverting resources.”

Zuckerberg somehow believes that diverting resources to fight crime and drugs is a bad thing, whilst at the same time here he is in California praising the diversion of taxpayer dollars to finance criminals to commit more crimes. They hypocrisy from this man is uncanny, and his Presidential run will post a major threat to the sovereignty of the United States of America.


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Anonymous No. 4483 2017-06-29 : 16:18

Apparentely the owner of this site and his staff believe that they can say, falsify and disseminate any and all lies, slanders, libels, etc without limits against any person, people, culture, religion, company, political belief, sexuality, etc. This includes religious leaders, other news outlets, reporters, etc, that they can create fake documents, images, etc.

They believe that they can do this and yet no-one is allowed to have an opposing opinion or be allowed to make real or invented remarks against them… guess what? Wrong.

IF they can cause trouble, so can we, after all, it's only democracy and freedom of speech.. remember?

Anonymous No. 4502 2017-06-29 : 21:49

Ah Red Pill, you're funny, if you actually read what you've wrote minus the blithering, racism, distortions, etc, you'd actually see how childish and bitter and moronic you are. I suggest you hurry post haste and request further modifications to your medications, but there is hope one day they might find the right combination, or perhaps a new pill, or, dare to believe… a cure

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